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what happened-if sun would not have existed?

 Our light sources. If sun would not have existed- The energy which presents all over the earth is the gift of it. We all live because of the sun.
Research says that it emits 3.86* 1026 watt of energy. Out of them, only 1.74 *1017 watt energy strikes on earth. But how much energy we use out of them?  
if sun would not have existed, sun, effect of sun, sun ray
if sun would not have existed
Every day we use a thousand units of energy. In electric equipment, mechanical equipment, civil equipment, etc.

But we know the importance of energy? Significant of the sun?
Water cycle
on earth will crash. No rain, no cloud, a wind curler of air all think which need of living thing will stop.  Our oxygen cycle will end. So our oxygen reproduction will stay, and what happened after that? All the earth will die.

          Now, if energy sources die slowly, what happens?

First darkness will rule all over the world. Then the temperature goes down, and all the plants and trees have also consumed the oxygen so our oxygen will go to ends slowly. Think about it, make you excited?

Person Hand and Crescent Moon, sun
What happens?
 Some fun also no light, no weak up any work the next day? I just enjoy sleeping. Wow, only sleeping. The entire student does not go to school. Not vulnerable up in the morning.
But no light, no energy and without energy, what is the purpose of life because we all live power indirectly. The entire living thing needs energy.
We must need another energy source to live. We understand the importance of the sun when it’s gone. Not even our earth, but what all the planet can’t get the energy and lost its shining.
Painting of Red Planet, sun
          More time no light then no-hit than our earth turns into snow earth. The entire living item goes to die. Then where we are going. Another planet.  But where?
And also happen that when they die at that place a big black hole created and its suck all planet and another think which present space.
Assume the condition when our planet is going into the black hole, and all the living creatures will be afraid of it, and what they do at that time this thing is very terribly. What in the black hole and another world or no idea?

Sun tern into the black hole.

What we do when our earth goes to a black hole

Remember the god?
Help others?
Or just war?
Just enjoy Life?
Think about why this happens to us?  
What condition you imagine? 
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