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Monday, April 8, 2019

Happy birthday wishes for your friends, family and your lucky persons

Happy birthday wishes for your friends, family and your lucky persons   

The person who excited for his/her birthday and you think that you wish him/her never any-body wishes him. Make him happy and give him the great gift for birthday.
Here a new wish for birthday.
First think write about the birthday gays. You know what ever I give you some example of this… fill the blank with name of birthday gay or happy birthday
I miss this day for a long time …………………
Lights give you the power to see the truth. Your future grow like a bamboo because it's the fastest grow grass in the world. Your head never goes down, this cake give you sweetness in your talk. Your all problem will ends. your mind will get the peace. 
A person who always cares for other people.........
  Always think about other happiness............
I do not have a hunger at home, but eat with friends at outside it ...
Thanks for all unforgettable think you give

The old picture reminds us how we are......
How we always happy in our past life.
We never go outside without our group
The old memories of our school, home how was that?
It’s real fun in our past life
Let’s fun just like kids
Free your mind form all the disturbs
Happy with inner side who stop you to do this .
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happy birthday wishes in 2019

  All the people get peace.
Make him happy in their life.
Think about all the living creatures wish you happy b.......
You get all the control of your body....
You use your mind to what you want..
Who stop you to reach your goals....
Ask yourself I can do this and start new life on this day. ..........

Flower glow every morning...
Sun rise every morning
Birds sing every day
Trees give shadow every day
Shops give mills every morning
but today some special for you my friend
Your birth-day bomb given to me is not forgotten
Use the last part of cake, remember even today.
Bath me with cold soda in that cold night
They were coming from behind and catching me i know very well
Go to the place where you go, but without celebrating your birth day ours date will not change.
You will ready for all of this......
To spoil this whole cake on his face

Time for gift

Revenge the bi.....

Excite to meet our old friends.

Time to remember old memory’s.

Time for celebration


For your mom

Thanks for been my mother.
Thanks for take care of me
Give me always happiness.
Thanks to protect me always.
But today i heartily say that when my luck is best in the world.
At that time my mother was birth.
Every word is small for you
I say that god gives all people mother like you.
When i was heart you only save me
When dad got angry you save me
Thank for all mother. You are my hero, my god. My every things  
Any gift is not bigger then you.
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You are always their where I get heart
You took my all problem.
When I am baby I see the world through you.
I only trust you in my childhood.
I remember how you feed me, how problem face to take care of me.
At that stage I am not know but today just ……….. I have no word for you mom
When I can't sleep you are not sleep all night.
Thank for all love which you give to me.
Thank for to be my best teacher, best friends,
God give you power to tolerate all problem
And also give me power to remember me all this thing that you done for me.

If your mom’s birthday organize party like follow

Finds some your childhood photo with your mother, your mother childhood photo with her parents, some anger photo of your mother, give him a gift of box. Inside the box one later.  Write all the think that you mother care you. Or also write on 1 or 2 of this post. Not celebration with cake, but give her gift of one tree. And give name of his mother, Your mom will remember all time this gift, whenever she see that tree. 


Learn from the sun how to shine

Learn from the tree how to help

Learn from the water how to flow

Learn from the lion how to live

Live without you is not my dream
Life teach us that always learning form another.
Other is my mother
Mother is my hero
Today hero birthday
all the present world say to you that your life is with-out problem but i say that your life with always problem because it’s always teach how to live, without problem your life is un-learn-able , if lion can’t know how to hunt how he live, 
Some big people say that

                                           Pocket with money take you in wrong direction 
                                          But pocket without money take you in right direction
                                                          from true friend 
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happy birthday party
Lion never cry

So i wish that you never give up

So elephant never jump. Just walk straight

Same way your health going well always

Sun never dark

So your life likes to be sun, always fill with energy

Rivers never stop

Same way your incomes never stop
Well always give water
Same way you always fill with good thinks
Computer never forget
So how we forget your birthday
One men finding joy. He asks every one where joy is. People give different address of joy. He going every address but he can't finding joy.  After some time someone men say to him.  Why are you searching for joy? After that day he stops to find joy but he do his all work with joy.
Same way me friend never searches joy, never work for joy, but work with joy......................
Be like a lion. Cannot beat anybody
Be like the sun, so that no one could cover you.
You Be like Trees No one could hate you.
You become like iron. No one can break you.
You stay tall like Himalaya. Any one can’t underestimate you.
You become like a river. So that no one can stop you.
And you never forget this day ………………………..

Those memories of childhood will be fresh today; They wait for the night, wear new clothes, do not eat them all the time, cut the cake, meet those friends, eat the chocolate alive, open every gift, find the best gifts Do you think that you can take a chocolate box to school, do you remember also ???.................

Here is small gift for you. Please open your mind. Mind is empty. Mouth is full. Hand is working. Leg is stop. Eye is close. Nose is open. Teeth are white. Night is dark. We are here. You are there. Cake on table.  Gift in our hand. Heart with joy. Joy comes late. Happy birthday......................
This day brings you happiness that you want. This day is your most memorable day ever you think. All happiness comes to you that you wish every day. Your mind will relax you ever imagine. Your all wish come true today.............................
birthday gift. rose
The sea starts from the shore. And today's day starts from your birthday. ................
Your problem is not bigger than yours. Today your all is problem smaller then you so you easy to face it. .....................
You drive your body or your mind drives your body. If you drive then you are happy but your mind drives then you’re not happy. Today i wish you than you got full control on your body............
Today pick your goal. Today energy inside your body very high so every step automatically in right direction...............
Today something amazing in the nature. New energy flows in atmosphere. I am exciting for throw the cake on your face. Meet the friends forgot all the things. Wow today your ..........................I ready for revenge.
One man was celebrating his birth day every year. He is himself orphan. He does not even have a friend. She used to bring the cake every year and alone to celebrate her birthday. He thought that he is the only one in this world. But one day he sees a little boy crying on one side of the road. He takes it with us, we give him a lunch. Asking about it. For a few days he lives there. And then she thinks of keeping the child with herself. Today she has 28 children with her and everyone is her mother who has been abandoned. Now this man takes care of them, teaches them, and today four of them have advanced a lot in their lives. And if a child looks in this way, they take him with him. And he keeps it. The fun thing is that all of them keep their birthday on one day.
  All of them gathered together and cut cakes.
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happy birthday

Birthday prayer 

At the last i am saying that in our birthday we loss one year of our life. But we celebrating  this day. On our birthday we are very happy don't know but something is that day that's make us happy. We just wait for our and another birthday. On this day if you prayer for all your birthday 
prayer this" good give all the people make happy
give all the living things Peace of mind
 we all living creature not different from each other
we all human and living thing are one 
we made from same martial. 
so why we different 
god give all the living creature give this thought 
that we are not different. 
All the vengeance of the mind will go away
All people progress one that has all the interests
these are all happy birthday wishes for your lovely persons. wishes him/ her happy birthday 
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