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Brix-yan: Travel faster than the speed of light.

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Checking all the thrusters, now you are going to be separated from the Maddox space shuttle. You have to check all the systems. Tie your seat belt. At the same time, \

check out your FUEL. After doing all this, the operator from the earth said that now you are completely separated from the Maddox-Yan. Now you start your engine and check all the systems and tell us all is okay.

 Well, one thing you know is that if all the thrusts of your small brix-yan are starts, then it will travel faster than the speed of light.

   You heard right now that more than the speed of the light, it was the most used experiment of the world where the speed of any machine would be faster than the speed of light. Our science has made much progress that today we are making such a very fast vehicle. Brix-yan was a curse on their own.

     There were eight such engines in the space-shuttle that were fully running on his own energy, that there was complete combustion of some kind of fuel. We do not even have the complete combustion of all the fuel in the vehicle that we use today. That's just 40-50% of the fuel used to keep the rest, and it leaves the air to spoil it.

     If all our vehicles are fully using the fuel, then 1 liter of fuel will also run for a whole year. But today we do not have any technology like this.

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In this brix -yan, you used 8 engines that make complete combustion of fuel. The engine used to change it from the whole fuel to the whole energy. This did not remove any gauss or such things that were harmful.

    Now the breaks were completely separated from the main space-shuttle. His commander, giving a report on the whole system, said that all the systems are working fine. My main engine is also started. Now you will be permitted to start fast thruster.

    All the scientists who have been on the earth examined the whole system again. The brakes commander is now allowed to start his journey. All of the world's eyes were now on this commander because the distance of the earth from Mars will pass just 5 minutes. It took years for us to reach Mars on earth from the very beginning of today.

    The commander started the engine and kept his direction towards Mars. Slowly now he was moving forward towards Mars. The commander started the light thruster;  The brix-yan was now faster than light speed.

  The view inside the space-shuttle was very strange. The commander was watching that the sunlight's light would also be left behind. Everywhere that looked just like the darkness, now there is light on it. How do you feel when you get faster than light? As if the lights will try to bit the lights. As if the race was going between them, the lights were running in this space.
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     The light determines approximately 299792-kilometer distance per second. With this, you can figure out how much speed the vehicle is going to be.

    It is now just 15 seconds left, now the commander closed his light thrasher and the vehicle reached near to Mars. All the people across the earth were watching the chase for five minutes, now the earth will have contact with Brix-yan?

     The waiting was finished; a picture of Mars appeared on the big screen. Everyone was happy and started looking forward to the commander's voice. At that time, the commander checked all his systems and sent his message on earth that everything is fine. Now he sent a small robot on Mars to investigate the colony of humans on the surface of Mars.
     All the people were very happy because they were successful.

But at the time, the light thrusters of the brakes-vehicle started moving ahead with his full speed. The Commander, who had lost all contact with the Earth, he was also very nervous about what happened? I did not start any other system.
People on the earth are worried about what happened? The breaks-shuttle was still going on. The commander was also upset about where the Brix-Yan would go.
After a long time, the break-vehicle stopped. It was probably more than 2 hours. In such a time, the Commander, along with the Brix-Yan, came hundreds of kilometers away from the earth. After all, the birx-yan shut down his system.
The commander took his senses and started trying to reset all the systems.

The commander looked around but looking at the front, his senses were frozen. There was a big black hole in front of them. First, it was a star, but the energy inside it had grown more than the energy that was coming out, and this is what he was dying now. But seeing that, the commander got a lot of fun from inside.

One energy began to pour into them. This energy has forgotten the commander all the pains. He went to all those miles that he never met in life.

The commander has just spoken with his heart that it’s amazing. Commander said the things last in his brix-yan

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