Theory of happiness: what we actual need?, happiness of mind enjoy life status

          1.     What we actually need?

     Now a day this is a common problem of all human beings. The problem is that people have a good house, a perfect family and no worry about money. But what actually he wants to form this? People work for all this for what?

What he needs? Happiness or relax or what?
We are going to pubs and someplace there that give us a quick relax. And after going out of this place, the problem is the same as it is.

But if I am saying that you do not have to go anywhere for a refresh. It’s always inside you just the eye to see that.     

         which things make you happy
          1.    Very excellent house, 2.Big car, 3. Good job, 4.The family, 5.The people, 6. Money Or
         8. Our mind???  

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happiness of mind


2.     Happiness of our mind

How we always are happy in our lives?  
Remember, only you can make yourself happy.
But, how we make ourselves to be always happy?
What is the difference between ordinary and intelligent people?
Just think about it.

Intelligent people enjoy every movement of life and whatever he does in his life is his choice. Not to another!!!

And ordinary people have stuck something like I need instants money, get success without hard work. Think always feature or past bed things and left the present movement and which is the base of failure,

And asking himself
How was a feature, how was the past?

       3.     Experience of happiness

Relax mind
        When you are in tension at that time just go to some open –place where you see the open air, land and no annoying noise feel the breath stop you all thing in your mind. Try to a prosperous thoughtless state of your account.
And think that what are my actual needs?

And say to yourself that “This problem (or any situation) is not bigger than me. I can solve it. I have unlimited power; no one can stop me from solving that problem.” do that in your comfort place that you feel free.
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enjoy life status

Do this at list 1 week and see the result, but you always say to yourself that I sole that or I can do that. Now it’s the first step of happiness that need some direction to your self because only you have the power. The power is unlimited of your brain.

  Without the direction, your life is just like pull your BMW car with the horse. Evan you drive your BMW yourself, but somebody fitted our mind that BMW pull with a horse

 It is foolish things but we do always do this even we have the power to solve any the problem we say that I can do this

“Remember always that any biggest problem in your life is not bigger than you “

 What is the next step to always happy in your life? 

4.     Enjoy life status

Welcome to the Theory of happiness part [2]

Hi all my friends, how are you?

Fine? ………..

In this session, we talk about thinking. Sometimes when we are thinking about one thing but after some time we are very far our essential topic and west our time and fell the guilty in our body that west the time.

How can we stop it?

How it possible to convert it in our favourable condition?

First talk about thinking.
Thinking is the sign of our healthy brain. So always it is beneficial to us. But in some condition, it beds for us like……

      Some people work for money and think only that money I expend this and this place etc…. but not think about the work.

5.     Example of enjoying life status

Give your opinion in this condition

One student(1) who read for the exam. He daily read about 8 to 10 hours. Repeat and repeat. But when he read just think about the result that the top 1 in the exam after that what happens my impress his friends etc.…..  He stops him from any entertainment in his life. Just only read.

While another student(2) who read for the exam.  He is only read 2 to 3 hours but when he read only think about reading and when he plays only think about play. Every movement in his life he enjoys it.

        So think that who is useful in his life 1 or 2

One an employee who thinks about how to use his salary? While he works, I buy this so and so. I go there and there. Enjoy there, going to the pubs, etc….

 While another employee enjoys doing his work. He had done his job joyfully. After going outside, he enjoys every movement.

It makes happy to just think only that enjoy every movement

        So who is good?

We I always think about the result, and this is the primary reason that his/her not enjoy his/her life.   

So what we do?

Ok now, what to do make our life happy?

Just ask a question to him?

Close your eyes and ask a question to him that that work make me happy?

I do this work forcefully?

If the answer is yes then no problem. It’s End. But what when a reply is no.

  Ask another question to him what is that make me happy in my life? And the answer will come trust guise really answer will arrive in your heart. And your mind thankless and it makes you satisfy.

        Now come to the point think. It just likes around when you are away from the centre of the round you can’t see the whole series, and you travel whit round but what happens when you are in the centre of the round. You see how it goes.

        Our whole think prose is best on this TheoryTheory. Round TheoryTheory of thinking.

 Give example.

        One employee who best in his work, but he thinks that what if this work is not done correctly by me. Not focus on this thing, and his work goes to spoil, so he is travel with round. And his mind gives a thousand reasons that how to not do this work.

        But immediately he asks a question to him that why I cannot do this work and his  mind give a thousand reasons that how to do this work.

        Try yourself that……

Our mind is just an instrument like a mobile or computer. What happens when more application is open on our mobile or computer?

Hang …….

So what we do just reset it….

Our the mind is the same as that if we are in a problem we don’t think about that from where it’s come?

How to solve it?

We just do some imitate action to forget it. But in actual it’s not closed it will open when ours this movement ends.

I thank Sandeep sir for that. With my heart, after I understand all this with myself, I write that.
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So first, ask about the question of why? When? Where? So your mind works on this topic and resolves it, and after complete, this application closed.

And if much thinking is in your mind, then go to reset.  How we reset your account?

Go to open place like you see the sky or some natural place. When you see it, your mind is in the thankless state. Now after that, any application opens your account see it think on it and close it.

Your instrument(mind) increases his speed and make you happy with your heart. Now you enjoy the life…..

“Enjoy life status

Always remember that your thinking can’t hearts in your real-life we just fear about that “    just think about it

Sorry for some grammatical mistakes. I hope it help-full to reset your mind.

We all leaving creature are attached with each other… we are not different, but we all are one human and any living creature.  

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