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Deep space sound |what does it sound like in space?:by xwlline

Deep space sound |what does it sound like in space?: by xwlline

Sound of space!!! What does it sound like in space? What is the deep space of sound?  The deep sound of space

Space sound music
Nasa space sound download
Space sounds mp3
Deep space sound

What does it sound like in space,Space sound music, Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound, eath sound form space, spooky space sounds, what dose space feel like, what does space look like,
what does it sound like in space

Universe or universes we don’t know that it is only one universe or more, and we don't know how it is big? As we see in the space with the help of technology we are smaller and smaller in this universe. And the most amazing thing is………..
Our foot is rich just on the moon only, but with our eyes, we rich millions of light-years away, by the way, we talk about sound in space,

Sound in space!!!!! ???? What does it sound like in space? The sound which is flow continues in all black space, I don’t know what it is but truth is that it is always present in space.

You fill when you close yours is a very silent place like temple or garden or monument or jungle or in the sea. When you close your eyes and close all think at that time you listen a sound I can’t describe just you fill, that some sound is playing in your ears, continues and without any distribution,
It’s like neutral not give happiness and not sadness, just satisfaction that not describes able,

Space sound music

Many pieces of music you listen in day to day life, this music makes you happy, sad, fresh, fill, joy, motivate, etc…………
You are the person that can do anything,
Only you can bite yourself,
You are free to form everything,
Don’t wait for luck maybe luck wait for you,
Keep going in your life,  

After reading this what you fill? what does it sound like in space? Just think that you do something, yes I can do this,

When big ban blast is happening at that time in space non-ending sound is sprayed everywhere, no obstructions in space so this music does not end, on earth when you listen to some sound or music it is dying at some distance because of air friction, and if sound not affected by this air friction it maybe it also non-ending.
What is music? It just argument of sound which pleasant for our ear, and it gives some good effect on human, but when you see our history some Vedic mantras have a power that it births a fire by just saying this mantra. This mantra is just an arrangement of sound. And their effects the energy in the atmosphere so atom in the atmosphere are filled high vibration and its make fire,
In space sound music plane sound that makes fill pleasant effect on human, it filling like that your all dream come true, your rich all you an achievement that you want to rich, and you have no tension in your life, no the tension of money, no tension of what happens tomorrow, how you fill when you get all this in your life.
When you seeing in the sky in the dark night, it looks like a dark, but actually, it is dark?
 For example :
One car is travel on the rod at the speed of 80 km/hr. you can see this car, but what happens if this car is travel round and round at the speed of 300000 km/hr you cannot see this car but the car is present there, the same way when you see in dark space we see darkness but actually, so many lights rays are there in that dark space. But we can’t see because our eyes can’t see this light because of some limitations of our eyes,

But when we talk about space sound music, it’s true that sound is needed medium but this space sound music does not need any medium when you close your eyes and clean your mind at the state of peace you listen to the music of space, you fill like most pleasant experience ever. When you listen this sound you mind at the state peace. With the help of a peaceful mind in our history, many humans did some magical things.
What does it sound like in space,Space sound music, Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound, eath sound form space, spooky space sounds, what dose space feel like, what does space look like,
what does it sound like in space

Nasa space sound download
What does it sound like in space? Can we listen to the space sound?
 After we rich in space and many astronauts fill that some sound they listen so they record some music on an electromagnetic instrument and this sound is release by NASA when you listen to this please shear this in your friend and family.  
You can download the space sound in many sites, Nasa is the best site for this, deep sound, in space no vacuum so the sound is in the form of some electromagnetic effect but when you transfer in human listenable sound so it is very much pleasant sound which you ever listen to. Just search online this NASA space sound download,
          On youtube also some music is available,

Space sounds mp3

Mp3 file also available on many web sites, you if you can’t find what does it sound like in space?
 If you want to fill this sound of space, you need some condition,
first alone
 nobody is there around you, or it’s a place that you fill secure. You find the place there when you set at that a place so your mind or your heart is no fear just peace, peace of mind,

Then the thoughtless mind, it's necessary that your mind has no thought after you get this tow the thing then you close your eyes you and listen sound that come inside form your body. That’s Sound of silence, its call that silence that has some sound, in this silence you listen to some sound in that come from your mind and listen to you and this makes a pleasant effect on your body, you fill the sound of space live. By listening that you understand what does it sound like in space?

Deep space sound

Last time what is the time when you see in the sky, in the dark night?
Can you remember when you see in the sky last time?
After reading this you see in sky but in a different way, in silence, you sleep under this dark sky, stop your thinking,
Now you just irritate with this stop thinking word, but it is the key to listen to the sound of space, your mind is just like mobile, when so many applications are run at one's time it is hung, its need restarts, the same way our mind need a restarts when our mind says that I am so tired, I can’t do this but think that the human mind is never tired, it is our thought that stops human actual power, in another way when you fill that you can do some worm at that time you push, you forgot that this your car and you know driving, but what did you do, you push this car,
And what work is done by you to this car? Must drive this car, so the question is that who say you that you can do this work? Some energy that stops human actual power, and some energy that says human that never give up,     

This energy is flowing all over the universes, that the deep space sound, in the form of energy, yes
What is space is made of energy and matter, so you see only two objects in universes “energy” and “matter”
Energy is in any form, it’s in the form of gas, in the form of liquid, in the form of nuclear, in the form of the sun, in the form of sound, Deep space sound and what does it sound like in space?  

Earth sound from space

 All elements are made of a molecule, in molecule electron is revolving the center of this molecule, and it makes sound the effect, you say how it makes a sound? Every moving element in this element has some frequency,
            And frequency has the sound it is true that some sound is listenable and some of this is not listenable,
But the earth has moving speed so some sound makes by this earth, you listen to this earth sound form space when you going into space but it is not possible for every human. So YouTube – search you find some sound, I don’t know it’s true but after you listen to this you fill something inside your body,
                  In this world, in this universe, millions of million’s sound are played in second, but how many you listen? We humans think that we are intelligence, but we know the truth, how we are? Because we are the species  that destroy his own planet with own hand,     

God sound in the space for every living creature in universes, that give positive energy. And ‘What does it sound like in space” Space sound music Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound  something that needs to know

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