five Rules of life to archive success of mind, reality level

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Rules of success: In 21-century success is tough to get. In this session, we talk about the rules of success

Every human needs a success……

But how many people got it???

1000 out of a minimum of 10% gets his/her success. So what is the basic formula to get success?????    

Success rule! 

(1)The first rule is that no rules of success.

Many conditions applying to this rule. You create your own practice, then you get success. Not follow the people but follow your heart.  

But I say that if you are going some were and you forgot the right way. 

 So what did you do?

 You were asking someone for the right way! Or just going on yourself on any other way? 

In which condition will you reach your detestation as fast as possible? 

You know?

You are indeed right, but if some people already reach that point that you want to rich. So it is necessary to know to form him that what mistake he made. It saves you time and effort. and you get success 

(2)Another rule of success is to learn from another.

 Because if any other requires 5 year for success but some failure face to him. But if he shares his think about his failure and you learn from it, and you are a success, maybe in 4 years. So the first thing is that you learn from you and another failure. 

You hear that learn form you failure,  

But how?????

When you fail to achieve your goal. Something inside you says that I am failing. But your good thought of mind or anything inside you tells you can do that. Or you need some motivation to back in your goal. 

What are you doing when your mobile is hanging? Reset it !!!!!!

When you are failing at that time, your mind is hanging. So you need to reset your account or format your mind.

But the question is, how? 

What happens when your mind thinking so much at the time you fill confuse. So first, get peace of mind. Go to some activity that all your thought die. Fell free.

But the thing is that how you reset your mind? I don’t know, pl read.

So another thing is that they learn from failure. 


When you pick your goal, many people are stuck to west time. He wants to do the work who can give him success. But while doing work, he has many things that distract him from his goal. On the inner side, he did his best, but some force or negative energy inside him stops him.

What we do in this particular phenomenon? Just ask yourself, I can do this. Whenever you are in the wrong direction, ask yourself, what your goal?

Don’t west time. So do anything but never stop without work.

Always do the practice of your work that you want to do or According to your goal. Exercise makes you perfect. I never stop learning. If you think you get all the knowledge about your work thane to find a unique thing about work.

Say that one man gets all knowledge about the music than he finds new instruments new music. Think yourself that you have to play music in 5 months of learning and you play music 5 years of music. What is the difference between them? You know….

(3) Third Rules: Avoid the distraction

                Most of the people start action to get their success first. They going well. After some time, they fill that he/her in another direction.
For example, one man sets a goal to clear one exam, and he starts doing to achieve his goal. Reading and reading but after some days he did some other activity. Which not consent to his purpose. 
So he fills guilty inside him.
What to do in this satiation?
You need to succeed, and you know that how can we get it? So it is essential that how you know, you’re self
Something inside you always stops or obstructs you to do not do your work. But you can’t stop your self from doing things like you really do not wants to do. Just like you know that you can clear this exam only when I read, or I dance only when I practiced well.
Who stop you? Its call obstructs of life.
 How to stop it? A simple thing is to stop this obstructs is that whatever you do, just ask the question to your work.      
If your goal is to clear the exam, then you start to read, but after some time, you see the mobile or any other activity, that’s you do not want to do. At that time, just ask yourself that work is essential to archive your goal??
Keep saying to your mind that this is my goal, and I do anything to archive my goal. To do this, your mindset or find a way to do work that really you want.
   So always say I can do this.

(4) Rules of success: What is the limitation of the human body?

                One man says that I run 5 km in 50 minutes. When he starts running his mindset that I run 5 km in 50 minutes.  He did not try to complete it in less than 50 minutes.
But what happens if he tries to complete 5 km in 41 minutes????
He pushes his limit, and he gets confident that I can do this. He is trying to complete his race shorter and shorter times. It just an example, but the truth is that the human body has no limitation. On the mind level, your mind is increased confidence, and at one stage, you solve every hard problem in your life.     
Our mind works like that. What is the child does he does everything that he wants to think if he does not try to walk, not try to speak? When you say, I do any things your mind working on this. Keep trying and trying. You archive your goal at one stage as your effort on it.

(5) Best rules of success Your thinking

                 You listen to this story???
One experiment has been done on the two men. By closing their eyes and one of them said that they would be bitten to poison the snake, and others were told that they would have a bite to mice. Both of them were asked to stand upright. Man who tell that bite by a snake he bite by a mice and who says that bite by a mice that bite by a snake
 One of them should have been alive and another out of them being being dead as soon as possible.
But both of them died. One died from a poison of a snake, but the body of another only created a poison due to fear that it had a bite by a snake.

So as you think, your body reacts as it is. If you believe that you are the loser, then you not done anything in your life.
 And if you think I can do anything in my life, I can solve any biggest problem in my life he lives is like that.
So think always that I can do this. I can solve any problem
You are the most significant persona in the world ever born.

What is the best option to do work with heart or by the body in which type you got more happiness? 
These 5 rules of success are played an essential role in our lives. Not just read follow it; these rules of success is to give satisfaction in your life.  

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