letter from the earth: humans| save me please time remaining only 00:00:59 by Neetsman - The Life Relaxing Show |Neetsman unlimited excess-able knowledge

letter from the earth: humans| save me please time remaining only 00:00:59 by Neetsman

letter from the earth: humans| save me please time remaining only 00:00:59 by Neetsman

Latter from earth to humans| save me please time remaining 00:00:59 by Neetsman

Count down stars 00:00:59, 00:00:58, and going and going………………it’s the end of the earth? At last earth sent latter to humans and it about to earth say thanks to all human who kill earth and all living creature, and only living planet earth. Latter from earth to humans,
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letter from earth

Sun say I am alone in the universe, so what I do? Please some body gives idea to bit my silence in this darkness, at that time some energy we call it god, speak him that use energy around you and built something that you want, Thousand years sun use ‘ of passing time. To use Energy around him, sun make big gas glob, and spinning this glob, this glob is mad out of small particle of nuclear and electron inside this gas globe is attract with each other, and change its state.

          And by passing the millions years of time this gas glob is convert in to solid planet. And at the start of sun’s solar system, how life comes in our solar system?
Which is the first planet that got a life? What is the sun energy? We discuss in another story,

We start that earth is born and thousands of years are past and human came on earth, what we do with our mother nature we know? And we think that this earth save us? Is this possible?

Earth build her for humans and another living creature on him, by make cut in side her body she birth a tree, and tell him that you are necessary to generate food for human and all living think on me. With the help of heat inside her, she makes clean water for every creature on earth, make good food for eat, make good habitable environment, and its took million years to set all this system on her,
But human interfere every were and spoil all the nature resources, in 21th century we know what problem we face and amazing thing is that we know the solution, but we think about only _____________ write what you want before you dying.

We human destroy every creation created by earth, but what she do human is also created by her. How she destroy her own creature? So

This is latter from earth, saying that save her,

Form earth

Hello I am earth, your mother, your older mother which does not have more life, before I dying I say something to humans.
Thanks for give me that pollution by the way I need more thousands of year to clean this environment.
Thank for cut tree which I made for you to give oxygen, and it is your lifeline, I this is my whose creature that never refuse to do work, but you took form me, thank for that
To clean the water I do very hard work, thanks to make water pollution,
When I made you I think that you are my best creature, I proud myself that I made humans, but you take form me that proud, thanks for it, I don’t know how was you are but you are my best creature that i ever made.
          In my life I think about that all living creature is living for each other and find truth behind life, I don’t know how I born, but I know how humans came on earth, what think you have that children kill his parents what they do? How were you filling when you got untrusted form your own creation?    
          It just like that someone take care of someone for years and then sudden he _____ sorry but I have not word, I think if I say this word then someone of my child Confidence woke up form name mother, but now I tried form this life, in my life, I pray the god that god give you right think,  

I am earth
Your mother, only planet in solar system
Which have a life, after fill very hotness on my surface,
I must have say that this is my limit to sustain this level of tempura,
So please if Temperature is rise more I can’t Tolerate
I tell you because it’s necessary,
I don’t know that you know that every year,
Water level of sea is increases and at one day
One day I will be immersed in water,
Then I could not see you dying.
So if you listen yours old mother voice,
Now I don't have the power to save me.
Just a bunch of birds,
That he was digging his own deathbed.
You moving country to country,
But where I am moving,
You know everything, so why you don’t do something
When you do? At that time I am die? I am your mother
Gives you life, so please save me, 
now i am older i can't sustain any more difficulties
i waiting for some by putting hand upper age of my eye, 
now i am tried, to produce more land, 
 this it the Latter form the earth  so save the earth?? 

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