life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space
life.... the mystery... space.......planet.....galaxy........god......human.......alien.......

 this is some word that make you surprise, many species on earth so it is the possibility that life in the space and among this diffrent life how many intelligent species in it?  and what is intelligent species meaning? and last question is that how big is our space? is space is infinite? 

so today we are going to discuss about this....... let’s go........1 ............2 ............3 ..............!!!!!!  
confuse.....  best question that how life came on earth? 
your answer is god!!!!!
 so who birth the god?? to ask this question and your mind is blank... that like we cant think over it? this is the one movement that we fill some amazing energy in our body that we cant express.  
  some time our mind has no answer of some question......?????........ you can't think about that object that you can see? while it work on 99% of people. we know that how life come on earth? this is only theory's how life come in the earth?  but in actual we do't know, while people think so many think 

that like 
first life in the water .......
by one asteroid come on the earth.....
god mad us.....
some intelligent species made human....
those we call god they come on earth and they teach us how to live....
by the revaluation....
among this which is you chose that it is no more anti question on this topic.. think about it. 

life in space we don't know how many planet actually is in space? human visit just moon which is the distance like 0.0000000000000000000000000.........00% of earth, we just see other planet, by at tine edge of telescope,

human can only give review that this planet has life, this solar system has _____ heritable zone which have life going to spread so and so and so........ in topic of life in the space my review is that i don't know really about it. but i confident 100% that life is present in the space. We think about it only because we don't see and we don't know about it. Even we can’t know about species on earth, over more than 10000 species on the earth, how many you know?
    If someone say that you live in to the space, so what you say? In the space peace like you never fill, you see the darkness all over, great salience,

According to our scientist intelligence is the power that how human can use his mind, what is actually meaning of intelligence spices, what is the intelligence?
Intelligence is the index of how human or any spices that how he use his mind or some power of universe,   that actually we have,

          Basically on the earth human is not very intelligence spices, you know????? Because we human are use only 5% of our brine, so who is it? It is the dolphins use his brine up to 20% so it can see or understand that what is ahead? He invent radar and this radar is 100% better than human radar, because human invent the radar but dolphin not invent radar he made the radar,
          We can say that any spice is identifying by intelligence, and intelligence is creativity of any spice, human brine is mystery of the world that not solve at that time. If human mind use its only 30% of his mind he can do flying, he can control another mind, control of some wavy, tree energy, not need the food he can use the power in environment, can control the wind, molecular, and do those things that we listen in the holy book,
          You think that who is the god? How he do some amazing think, that miracle for human, in one theory this god is the another planet spices and when they come on the earth they sow us and he touch us about the new technology, but when they relays that earth destroy in some few year then they mark on earth so when they come again,

          In our mind more connation then our all universes have, when we think about any topic at that time our mind response through electric wavy, at this point something happen like in a pound of water, in the water pound if we through one stone then wavy is coming continues in reflection of this action, same way in our mind is full of think tank when we think about any point at so we fill reflection like water stone example,

          Its connect in our brine and make some effect that we cant understand, so intelligence spices meaning that who can control this all emotion and effect of every possibility of what happen? knowledge about energy, knowledge about truth, and someone can use most energy so he is best intelligence, but we human stuck in that I need that, I want more, what to do? God? Make imprecation, think feature, think past, if we live in present we not think about the feature, some body say that today do hard work very heard so you not think about next day,

That is really intelligence spices meaning, the have peace , and they know what they do?

          Space not a keyboard space bar key, it about universe which full of galaxy and stars, in which light travel through light speed, that is the Rison we see black all around, because light wavy is faster than light so when its strict to eyes, our eyes get a response in friction of second, that our mind only realizes when we only think about it,

How big space is?????????????????
Some body say that it is infinite, some say it’s go away from each other, some say that seven universe in the black energy, and each of universe has its own energy, so in some day all this universe is stick with other and all destroy, in another story god is sleeping and according to the god 1 day is = 15 Cr year, so when god is weak up at that time all universe is dead and re construct it,
          Some say big bane in past Cr. S year s and all universe is birth through this big bane, so basically at that time we can’t know how universe is big, but we must say that if universe is birth then one day its died.            
 so i there is life in the space and many intelligent species in universe and understand the true intelligent meaning, and how this space is big? 

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