What is education meaning? Education importance and type of education

What is education meaning? Education importance and type of education 

What is education meaning? Education importance, and type of education, understands true meaning of education 
In this article we discuss about the true education meaning, education importance, how we essay educate our children for essay understand? and type of education
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education meaning 

 Education meaning 

This is the 21 centaury and we know importance of education,  but question is that we get essay and understandable education? Our children going to the school and learn something only for exam. Today education is just for satisfaction of our mind only not for learning. 

What is the true education meaning? 

According to the steetlom education is that in which anybody learn anything and can’t force to remember it, its atomically store in our mind, 
For example: just for when you learn a bike at once. And you can drive the bike, now in whole your life you want to learn the bike, it’s atomically store in our subconscious mind, whenever you want to drive it again you don’t learn to drive the bike. This is the true meaning of education. 
But today people are make this education most most importance. But in real life it just important,100 year of back in India gorukul school system is the best system . in which student are stay at the gurus home at the age of seven and learn about how to live life and sunskrit  mantras which has the power of make  fire with only mantras. I don’t know it’s true but just think about why it is not wrong?
So in our past years people just learn how to live, they are teach about humanity, and make this human strange as he can bit all the world , but in valuable Rison, you heart about the bhramastra it has the power that can destroy whole world by just one arrow, so think what is the power has this arrow. 
In today life we just learn about 1323…. Abcd….. Reading…. Writhing…… and so many things, but they can remember whole life? In 
Gurukul education system
All student remember whole study in his whole life so our mind has the power the can we remember anything in any time. In past no book but students remembers whole Ayurveda book  by just listing, while in today?????? 
You know what is the situation of our students, we know that our feature is depends upon the students if they can’t know himself so how they can change the world, in small age all the society fit his mind that you have only do job, or such things but actually we can’t know the capacity of human brain,
Research say we use only 10% our brain, and we see that what we do in past 100 year, make all our think in real life. And understand the meaning of education
So according steetlom meaning of education  is make a human not a machine, that forgot his strength, today education learn that car drive by push ached by human force, while reality is car is drive by itself, no need of human force only need the human control.             
education meaning, education meaning in hindi, true meaning of education , education meaning in English , type of education , education importance
education meaning 

Type of education 

 There are the basic type of education system 
1 gurukul system
2 school system
3 home education 
4 learn system 
In the gurukul system student Is going to the gurukul in the age of and Good point of this system is that student is always contact with guru, and he find that what student can do? And make him best in this field. He interested in this so he can do better and better, this is the best system but today this no more. 
While 2 school system student go to the school and learn as today famous system of education. Every student learn only one thing that teacher teach. And don’t learn new things out of the teaching. 
3 home educations: in this education system parents or elders of home is teach his children. In 21 century this is the best method of education. In this system also a elders group of society teach all this society’s children’s teach by him. The grandparents got a new work so it is helpful for all to more about it pl visit www.neetsman.com/ 
4. learn system: in this system focus only learn for example if anybody want to lean swimming so direct contact him and learn about this proper area, and main advantage of this system is that every people come in this system is his decision. So it is no require of fallers, 
Put of this fore system also many system that can learning new thing. 
But question is that what is the purpose of learning?   
We learn because of earn? 
We want to learn due to knowledge?
We learn to archive our dream?  
For happiness, For peace of mind, for save the world, today is the true that if we don’t save the world it is definitely end. We know all about it. 
Teaching teach us that how to live? What is humidity? We all are human but why we make our self-different form each another, it just like that if one life of a tree say that I am the life so you trust him? While true is that it is a part of tree, as it is we say that I am so and so name but true is that you are human . and actually we learn from any teaching academy, but what we learn, I am best, I am one, so many bed thing, 
Today if every human has one thing in his mind that I am human and then I am so name. so it is end of everything and all another need is end. This is really we learn.   

Education importance  

And last education important, how we use of education in our life? It is important that to make people not robot, at that time all people has money, food, anything they want. But in absent of hipness, so what is the worth of human without happiness? 
With the help of education every person got knowledge, courage of to make some different, it only when you got right education.        
So this is the education meaningEducation importance, and type of education, understands true meaning of education
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