what is the real meaning of success in life?

what is the real meaning of success in life? 

     Success this the term that every person need, but they can’t know about the real meaning of success, what is success? Money, happiness, peace, what is its real meaning of success?  
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real meaning of success

     it give a mantel and physical level peace, when you meets success your fell life free man in the world, this experience is only fallible not tell-able to another, 

so real meaning of success is that when you do those things that you really you do, and you think in your life for a many time that i want to so this, and when you get those things, you fill some experience, hahahahaha oh my god it make me happy only whine i think.... this is the most, most, most, most, most.......... valuable things that has a no value, if you understand this you know about the success. 
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example of success meaning
In the student life most important is that to study well and clear exam and understand the study, so he/she can live the life very easily,
If any student is just reading and memories all the book but not understand, he clear the exam but what is the benefit of this
While another student is not just read but understand all the studying, he also clear the exam so
According to you which student is most success in his carrier????
This is the meaning of success
That whatever you do in your life you should know that what you do and understand very well,
Every person need the success so something is in the success that so make him special.
What is special in the success?
Why if success people is happy in your life?
Why they are most peaceful people in the world?
Why every human needs the success?
You think that you are alone at one beach where nobody on there, you seating in front of the sea and your mind is very peaceful at that time, at that time if you are think about your problem so that is meaning you need some more in your life, but if you just see the sea and enjoy it so you are success,
Success is the darkest side of darkness
It the one star who want to shine but he thinks about the feature
Long time ago in to the forest one line is stay, every day when he fill hunger he make Thunder, to lesion this Thunder every animal understand that if he not go in safe so he died by lion, and this make him a king of forest, same way our work is like that so everybody understand that what we do,

In one post I don’t remember which it is that iPhone care his customer so he think all the kind of problem which we have and so he invite the world best phone, and respect is spree form heart, if our work is like as we think about the world, so world can think about you,
Who we are?
Where are we from?
How we live?
What we needs?
What is the real meaning of success?
Many question that make your mind un thinkable, your mind is think as we want?
So if when our mind think as we want form it is the best success, our mind is full of think, every human mind think over more than 6000 think in a day, we can’t stop this thinking process but we give him direction, our mind power is un believable, some time when we think about our mother or some most loving person at that time we got call form him, its happen sometime,  what happen actual we all contact with each other some un known power, if you think bed for someone so this bed think or some bed think is happen with him, so it the our mind,

                We are human why we don’t understand, what actual we need?  If you think good for someone so good think is happen in your life it is call the law of thing,  as you think you will as it is act in you life,
One time one reach man see the baggers that he eat bread, but when ever he eat the bread he first touch this peace of bread in his hand, so this man give him some money and ask why you eat bread like this? He reply that I can eat this only brad so I assume that salt in my hands pam and I eat both bread and salt, so what is this manning? If he think so he can assume any think like butter, milk, tea, etc…….. but he think is just salt.
So first if our think is bigger so this make us success, you read many story of success but in all of them what is same? Just think about it?
Now if we talk about the success so real meaning of success is your life is in your control, 
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