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Whats health effects of Air pollution?

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    Health effects of air pollution

    Health effects of air pollution

    Air is one of the most important components on our earth for every living creature. We know we need oxygen trees to need co2   in such a condition. In the day they need carbon dioxide, and at night they need oxygen.  

     Airis effects on our health. For a healthy life on earth, it is necessary to clean air in the environment.

    In past earth pass thousands of years to convert the earth into the living planet. At this stage in our knowledge, only earth has a life. 

    We must understand how earth converts himself for life living on it. But in some of the passing year what we do for our planet?

     For every life, cycle nature is fill-full his basic structure. For life on earth, what are the basic requirements?
    1. Air
    2. Water
    3. Weather
    4. Sunlight
    If anyone of them is absent the no life.

                    It the talk about what is essential for life. All this substance also needs Purity. For example, you have a new vehicle, and you feed it an Impure fuel. What happen?? Your car is not for a long time.  

     Same way, if an environment has all the substance, but one of them is not pure, then life on it is also not for a long time. The best thing is that we know all these things but what we do to save the earth? 

    We know if today's conditions are going for a long time, then our planet dies. We face a problem that we not imagine. Our new generation also has a new challenge to solve this old thing created by his old generation. So you want your new generation to make us responsible for environmental pollution???

    So please save the earth. Make your comment on this topic, "save your environment save your feature generation."
    In the 21st century pollution is the most challenging topic on earth. Every global warming, water pollution, air pollution, earth pollution, etc……  

    What health effects of Air pollution?

    Every human needs a breath. When we breathe, the air is passing through our nose, then throat, lungs, and then all our bodies. So what happens when this air is not pure? What health effects of air pollution?
      We take a breath through the nose, so it may affect it. Then it is in contact with the throat. If we take a long time pollutant air than first, our throat fills pain after this effect is more and more. It may affect the cancer of the throat. Due to air pollution, a human may change by a heart attack, mind decease, lung problem, disease, etc….  
    Air pollution happens in our environment due to impure inorganic martial, some industrial dust, etc.… this pollution is very harmful to the human and living creatures on earth. For prelacies, air pollution also effects.

    Pure air makes our mind fresh. For example, when you go to a forest or some natural place, what you fill? Your account fills freshness. But if we took impure air, it affects our mind. Our mind loses he remember the power, concentration power, and also effect to make a decision. Unclean air is spread in our body through the lungs, so it also affects it. Today we don't know what is in the air.

    We archive a thousand of millstones of new technology. But what is the feature of this all millstones if our earth dead?\

    What is the purpose of all the things we made to do in feature? Think about it if this going for a long time it is granted that our earth is dead. Today you see the many effects of air pollution, just like increase the oceans water,

    And the best thing is that we know all about it. But what are we waiting for? We do when our is dead. Or do when we fill some meager devices like tsunami, earthquake, etc……     

    Today the solution is in our hands if we understand, but at some time, this one chance is no more to our mother (earth). What we actually need? If the earth is dead, then what is your first choice? We know what the health effects of air pollution are.

    How we solve this?

    They are the cloth of our earth. We must grow the trees. What it affects you all know?  Slow down our basic needs.
    Well you do some another thing like use public transports.
     To travel the small distance, you must use a bicycle.
     Avoid the most traffic zone for travel.

    Use a safety mask when you go outdoors.
    In the industry must have a check smoke that not harmful gas in it.
    Use natural energy sources means renewable energy sources.

    Health and physical education

    Awake the people about air pollution, its effects on humans and earth. Think about our feature generation. What is the feature of the planet? In school, in college, tell every student about the importance of saving nature.

    Because the feature of the earth depends upon the 21-century generation. How they take care of the earth's environment? What they do to stop pollution? In the world, only 5 people think about the earth out of 100, but this 5% effort is more than 100 so at that time our planet living.

                    Tell all the people that if we do same like that than our earth is dead in just 100 if years and small steps start with you. Like, use public transport, use cycle, not use plastic, use renewable energy. I know you think that I want to save the earth, but what can I do?

    The small thing does significant work. If you ride a bicycle in 3 days of the week, then you save around 1 liter of fuel in a week. And stop approximately 0.00000001% of pollution. Only one person keeps this so thin about if the world 10% of people use a bicycle, then what happens?

     Save 10 liter of fuel in a week and 40 liters in a month and 480 liters in the year. And how much pollution not goes into the environment due to these 480 liters of fuel? And how save the health effects of Air pollution on the human body?

     It just theoretical calculation, but just you think about its result? It only two words in air pollution, but how dangerous is it? We cannot stop it quickly, but slowly we give new birth to our earth.
    In last conclude that how air pollution affects health?  Important of health and physical education in human life and what is the impact of all on earth.     

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