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Which are the Best business incubator in india?

In this article discuss

1. Best technology business incubator: business incubator mean its help to develop new business. which help to starts a new business

2.Technology companies in India : which Company is best, basic intro and its product and its
      Small description

3. Last technology trends in 2019:  new trends in 2019

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technology companies in India

Technology business incubator

A business incubator is a company that helps you to start up a new business or Company. This technology business, a nursery, helps a new company by providing management training or office space, manufacturing space, market, national and international, and help to new businesses to grow.

Here are some technology businesses an incubator that helps you to starts a new business.
Due to some Rison cant provide contact information, please search in Google.  


The Center for innovation incubation and entrepreneurship was set up by IIM Ahmedabad in Gujarat with support from the government of Gujarat and India. Its non-profit entity, it is founding in 2002 as a research institute. They focus on the IT company and cleantech and social.

Funding: INR 20 lakhs, they are making notable setup for travelyaari, innoz, thrillophillia, etc.…..      

IAN incubator

Ian establishes it form the supports of the NSTEDB board of Gov. India. This incubator helps entrepreneurs to convert their idea into successful and valuable by his support team.

They help in forging partnerships at the global level. Also, advice on property, training, and development of business. It located in Delhi. They focus on areas in telecom, mobile vas, gaming and automation, entertainment, healthcare technology, alternative energy, retail technology.
Funding: it provides deed funding or loans form various Govt. grants, also funds for another source.

I create

They conducted a batch of 25 people for a 13 weeks. It is by Gujarat mineral development corporation limited and GFEE. They conduct various seminars; reach out to the programs for both students and entrepreneurs. Located in Ahmadabad Gujarat, found in 2011
Focus area: N/A
Funding: N/A


It is the technology business incubator in Bangalore and them providing venture management, helping startups with capital, business strategy, and structure.  They are providing the right network and support. Found in 2007. They make notable startups of Vyoma, general sentiment, etc….
Funding: N/A
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best business incubator

Amity innovation incubator

It is a concept that the context of Indian universities, supports by the DTS ministry of science and technology, GOI they are known as the power of an idea, herring global winner tat nen and Nasscom it was located in Noida in 2008. They focus on rural innovation information communications,

 education and technology, food and allied, technology biotechnology life sciences, nanotechnology and material, and science. They make notable startup like apnacricle.com, anduril technology, etc.…
Funding: up to INR 1 Cr    

Angle prime

Its located in Bengaluru. They focus on the setup in the middle that needs seed capital, mobile internet, e-commerce and tablet, mobile app, etc….  They invest more than 3-4 companies in a year. Founded in 2011. Notable starts up by angle prime is Ezetap, Hacker earth 

Seedfarm, a seed fund

It's been a physical incubator with about 2000 square feet in Mumbai, founded in 2011-12. They focus on consumer internet, e-commerce, education, halt care finical services, analytics, and online ticketing. Also, make notable startups like my dentist, level10 entertainment, etc.…

Funding:  INR up to 1 to 1.5 Cr if this works, then they also invest around $2 Mn

Which are the technology companies in India?


 This Company essential in crude oil, and fuel and also in another area like powering and clean    Planet, wet to wealth, carbon dioxide an asset, manufacturing crude refining, high-performance, game-changing materials and Next-generation catalyst technologies, it is located in Jamnagar and Gujrat.

TATA industry:

                It is part of the 100 billion USD. It was found by jamsedji tata in 1868. It is Indian's biggest automobile company. Its located in Mumbai


                It is a turnover of about 2.1 billion $. It is founded by Kirloskar brother limited (KBL). They are productions in large infrastructure projects for water supply, power plant, and irrigation,  Agriculture and domestic pumps, valve, turbine. It is located in Pune.

Larsen & Toubro (L&T)

                It is located in Mumbai and for 75 years. Its know as the world's best quality, they are in the file of technology, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. It is the dream company to work for. A large number of people working there


This original company product is heating, cooling, water and waste management, chemicals. It is located in the Pune.


This industry is for electrification, automation, and digitalization, it stands for engineering excellence innovation and reliability. It is located in Worli Mumbai.


It is known as a renewable energy producer in India. It is world wild and 19 countries attached to him. It is located in Ahmedabad Gujrat.

 Technology trends in 2019

21 century is the century of technology many people find technology company and technology business incubator, to grow their business, but they don't follow the right technology trends in 2019.
In 21 century, many trends in technology but some make a profit, and some can't make profits. Here some trends of technology in 2019 to walk with the world.

Artificial intelligence

AI is the best-featured trend of technology, today, humans need very comforts for everything. All function is automatic today. In the past, one remote need for tv at that time mobile use also remote. Voice control technology, Automated adjusting technology. A driverless car, etc.…
So if you work in this AI in advance, so many possibilities that your business is getting large profits. In this file 73 million more jobs created in 2030. So it is the best field

Machine learning

It is a subset of AI. By using a computer program in a machine that works like more perfects. But it needs more safety. In this field you work is more profit in the feature.

Robotic process automation or RPA

It is the most valuable field in the feature you search on google that how this must be? It reduces workforce by one significant investment, and average RPA salary is $73,861


It was the crypto-currencies type technology and valuable technology trends in 2019. It just like a bit of coin.    

Virtual reality and entertainment

This technology is used to make video, film, etc.. and what is the income of avenger end game? You know.  It is not reality, but with the help of virtual reality technology, this film earns thousand Cr of money.
It the technology deal with video editing, and animation, but in now a day it is used like new variation,


Now the 21 century is known as the internet century. The world is like a small village through the internet. If you have the internet, then you have everything. But where the benefit is present many loss is also there. So all the internet needs security; this is the most need technology in the feature. Cybersecurity, And also one predicted that in 2021 maybe 3.5 million of the job will unfill in cybersecurity.

Digital marketing

Now a day most new technology trends 2019 is digital marketing. All the product is going online so the old add cants work we must need it. This is also a good point for new business.         

For your business, those are the best business incubators. It may help to build your business and list of some technology companies in India. And what are some best technology trends 2019? I hope it's helpful to grow your business? 

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