what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? 360 solution | by : xwlline - The Life Relaxing Show |Neetsman unlimited excess-able knowledge

what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? 360 solution | by : xwlline

  • General information about water
  • Water pollution effects
  • Water pollution solution list
  • 360 solutions for water

what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions,General information about water, Water pollution effects, The solution for water pollution, Water pollution solution list, Water pollution control, 360 solution
what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions

General information about water

Two and one combination key of life for all living creature,
Without this key, we can’t pass one day on earth and it is………..???? Water!!! can we understand what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions?
            In industry, in-home, in farming, etc…., it is required in every field. Not water but clean water, because 71% of areas of the earth are cover with water
Out of this 71% of water only 2.5% of fresh water is available on earth, and in 21 century out of this 2.5% of water, only 1.4% of water is clean water, another is affected by pollution.
            And out of 1.4% of clean water 1.2% is in the form of ice, so you calculate how much clean water is available? Today’s world 68% of people use RO-system for cleaning water,

How we pollute water?

Only human is polluting while they know that water is most important, we pollute water by:
   Adding west, industry add  dirty water in a river or land, oil refinery, in a farm, last but not list is plastic, into the deep the water of ocean one big layer of plastic
Every day when we birth, some amount of carbon dioxide is adding in the atmosphere and this list does not end, every day it is always increasing
Now understand its effect

Oil spilling

            The oil company was transporting his oil by ocean way, but some time due to storm in the ocean this oil is spread on seawater and due to this oil on the water oxygen not dissolve in water, so it affect the health of the water ecosystem.   

 Water pollution effects,

Water is the object that major found on earth, but human doesn’t know the value of water because a human has one major capability that when they lost something important at that time he understands the value of this object, and it’s a talk about the water so first what is in the water???
We say water!!! Hahaha
Then, life| you know first life on earth is in the water, water pollution is the effect on the ecosystem in water.  

Effect on Human health

Human health is most = water,
Because water is the key to human health you read many articles that how water affects the human health, but you know that pollute water does not only effect the human health but it also affects the feature of the earth?

            You say how? And ans. Is that in the world how much money is an expense for clean water? Thousand and millions of dollars are an expense on clean water, think if this money is used in another area then, it may be really good for this.   
Living creature death in case of heavy water pollution, due to the low oxygen level in the water, in water pollution it is necessary to know that what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? 

Effect on the aquatic ecosystem:

As human lives on-lend, what is the basic needs of human, environment, space, and a huge list of human needs, the same way some life live under the water they want some basic need, what is the basic need of an aquatic ecosystem?
Only water, freshwater, due to water pollution, they do not get fresh water so many times you listen about so many fish is dead due to this Rison,
Water pollution effect on the aquatic ecosystem,

            Life is not only on earth but also in the water, and
Effect on Human and animal
Both creatures depend on the water, and list of the effect of water pollution is following
Due to decreases the water health
Water creature life is decreases
Due to pollute water life in water is polluted   
The purity of seafood is decreases
Purity of lend is decreases  
And most world population depends upon water life

Human health are decreases
The average life of a human is decreases
The effort is decreased where human work?
Earth life are decreases
End the life on earth!!!!
Oh my god does water pollution makes earth died?

Water pollution solution list

Purify water make health earth, and healthy earth is the basic need of human and all living the creature on earth, it the so many big lists of water pollution solution,
Not pollute the lend, because 40% of water pollution is due to polluting lend
Use digest row martial, which easily dissolve in the earth,

Clean your mind, because 80% of pollution happens due to one thing that these people is doing so why I stop? If you stop then someday maybe happen he will stop,
When you clean your browser history than the time you necessary say in your mind clean water save feature, I am the hero

You say what is that because it is true that if I make water pollution today so my coming generation is necessary to clean the water, at that time he thinks that my old generation does this and also some innocent word also says, because if your life is in danger due to your home member so what did you do?

360 solutions for water       

  Now you say what are 360 solutions?
Think that you have 100 $ every day so where did you want to expense? Well, I expense this money to make my life better, but what happens if daily I expense 40$ for water. So it is necessary that every day my 40$ is fixed on water and I have only 60 $ to use in my way,

If I have clean water so I can use all this 100 $ and its like 360 solutions, to make this 360 solution you do some work that whenever you see dirty water around you, then it’s necessary that you make something to clean this, or if possible of on-time action so do it,

Forgot the all think because of that our feature generation depends upon the water, and if they did not get purify water so out of there 100% effort on the technology they give 30% effort on to clean the water. 

And it stops there growth, not think about yourself but think about a feature because in feature hero is that a person who has to do some work to purify the water.    
and now you understand what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? and most what is 360 solution? 

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