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what is a computer? how made computer at home?

you know about the word computer if you want to know what is a computer? and inside your heart, you wish that you want to made computer at home than it is very important for you,  

  • How to made computer at home?
  • What is a computer?
  • Computer definitions,
  • What is the computer system?
  • Introduction and definition of computer
  • Computer history,
  • Use of computer  

You need these nine parts to make your own computer if you have knowledge basic of computer,  
  1. Motherboard
  2. Processer
  3. Ram
  4. Smps
  5. Hard disk
  6. Cabinet case,
  7. Keyboard
  8. Monitor
  9. DVD drive 


            If you use the computer then you know the word motherboard, how it is important? It is a very important part of a computer, we connecting all software and hardware in the motherboard.
How to made computer at home?, What is a computer?, Computer definitions,  What is the computer system?,  Introduction and definition of computer, Computer history,  Use if computer, Neetsman, Concept of knowledge
type of motherboard and which is best

What is the best motherboard?
Basically four types of motherboard
  •  Mini ITX,
  • Micro ATX
  • Standard ATX- (best-recommended motherboard) 
  • EATX

 Mini ITX,

            In the mini ITX, we get minimum USB connector, limited ram slot, it has 2 ram slot and 1 PCI slot,   we use in only one graphic card, at a time, her neetsman help you to a made computer at home

Micro ATX

            It has 4 RAM slot and 4 PCI slot, and also increase the USB slot, so we can use more graphic cared, ram slot is four so we get more speed,

Standard ATX- (best-recommended motherboard)

            This type of computer is widely used, you can do multi work in this motherboard, it has 4 RAM slot, 4 to 6 PCI slot, and the USB connector is increased,
            You can upgrade this motherboard, you can upgrade for gaming, highly ram is used in this pc, with the motherboard you can do work of editing, gaming, this board is more purchasable in the market, and best for those


            It also called gaming motherboard, it has 4 to 10 USB connections, display facility is available, and this type of motherboard is with all facility that you want,
            It has also 8 RAM slots, so I never see that anybody use 8 RAM, 4 Ram slot is sufficient most of the computer operator, it has 5 to 7 PCI slot     

If you use third-generation CPU than you can use only third-generation motherboard, it is a simple formula, and if you use the fourth-generation CPU then you can use 4th generation motherboard,  

it is the first stape to a made computer at home, choose your motherboard, 


            Whenever you go to buy a new computer then you have heart word core,
Like single-core, dual-core, quad-core, octa-core, Deca core, core i3, i5, i7.

What is the core?
            How we know that if we use this type of core so the computer is better? Or for a better computer which core is on the computer?
How to made computer at home?, What is a computer?, Computer definitions,  What is the computer system?,  Introduction and definition of computer, Computer history,  Use if computer, Neetsman, Concept of knowledge
what is CPU and how its work? 
For example:
If you have work of write, read, play, calculation, or more work and you only one persona, so it takes more time? But if this all work is done by more than one people than reduce the time because work is run parallel,

So it is recommended  you use more core motherboard,  

Same way core is work, in computer more core it means it has more persona, so multi-process take small time, and fast work, in single-core only one process, the same dual has 2, octa has 8 and  made computer at home it very helpful  

In today we use intel core, i3,5,7, core i3 mean is dual-core, with hyperthreading, and i7 has dual-core or quad-core, with hyperthreading,    

            RAM!!!  You know this word ram, it is work capability of machine, like computer and mobile, but it is understood by only for who know this field, in a simple way, what is rammed?

How to made computer at home?, What is a computer?, Computer definitions,  What is the computer system?,  Introduction and definition of computer, Computer history,  Use if computer, Neetsman, Concept of knowledge

Ram is a memory of any computer, that can help software to ran, in a simple way

            If you want to do painting and in this painting you need a brush, paper, pencil, color, etc… so to draw paint what you do, first you take only painting board, then paper, then one color, than the second color,????

Or all the instruments take with you and then draw your painting…
What is the best way to paint? 1st or second?  same way help to made computer at home, 

Of course, you chose second, all instrument on the table and then you draw painting, same way RAM is work when you work on a computer at that time RAM take some files from internal memory, and ran on RAM so your application follows your command,

            You install any application in internal memory, that store in computer storage, when you open program like paint, at that time ram, is taking some file form internal memory and ran on screen,

So in you use more ram your computer speed is increasing, many types of ram is available, like ddr2, ddr3 etc…     you can change your ram if an additional slot is given, 

What is a computer? 

A computer is a machine to follows the instruction; process the data and giving the answer, it is not a set of mouse, keypad, cup, etc… but it has many types

Like if you use a scanner in a shopping mall than you use a computer, if you use ATM, you use one type of computer, so the computer is only one order following machine, which follows the instruction, 

This computer is invented in mid of 20thcentury, but you know what size of this computer is very big, but today we found a compute which like small size of hand watch,
We need a computer because in past time human always depend upon some other persona or material, so he avoids to use his brain but people need to calculate meths or some other formula,

But he doesn’t need to use his mind so he invents the machine which frees from this calculation, and we invent an automatic calculation due to this Rison
1.      To free form pressure of calculation and
2.     Avoid failure,

Some time if calculation is wrong then all material, human power, loss to avoid this failure we invent the automatic calculation machine, farther it’s known as a computer, 

Computer definitions,

So in this sense, we say that it is a machine which have only one work that to obey to order of human, and some artificial intelligence,

In computer two main part that

Soft-ware and

            It is all type of not touchable part of a computer system like program language, application, so we can say that software is a system that made the hard-were,

You can use a computer through two techniques, with hard-ware, and with soft-ware, 


          Hardware is a physical element of computer like a mouse, keyboard, CPU, etc,,, we use input instruction through this hardware, and we give to feed back through hardware, but
Software plays behind the scene role in this all process, without software hardware, is not working, and with hardware-software is not work,

What is the computer system?

Commonly, the computer is that system which makes human work easy, if you calculate with yourself so it takes time but, if you don’t know about calculation, then it may be some mistake,

But if you use the calculator then it may be easy, because it knows how to calculate, but we did not forget that the human mind is faster than any computer,  

Introduction and definition of computer

In the 21st century, we not introduce the computer, but before 50 years if anyone says that you can calculate sum without knowledge of meth’s than people say you fool,

The computer is different –different definition, because
 If you use ATM so it is also one type of computer,
 You know one automatic weight machine it is also one type of computer,
Your video game is also one type of computer,
You watch TV it is also a computer,
Mobile is the word that no need of definition, it is also said that one type of computer,

In this days you say AI it is a type of computer that some decision take with itself,
It is a feature of human, because, in one research, the scientist made two different AI and make a project that to talk of this two the computer, but when they try to talk this two computer than they invent its own language, in just 5 seconds,

Because it is very dungaree, we human lean language in a list 3 to 5 year, so they decide that to close this program,    

Many types of computer are available in the market, like PC, laptop, palmtop,  we invent pc like watch, and biggest computer like room, supercomputer, very fast,

It is work on speed; all compute is work on speed,

For example, you know the answer to 544*48? You take few minutes to solve but with help of computer it solves in just a few seconds,

Computer history

computer-  An earlier time human use computer-like a Manaka board,  which children use for maths fun in our older time, tan some people think that we human use this system as automatic, so human work is very easy and fast and more precise,

Then they invented the first  automatic machine that can calculate some of meths sums, but it is very slower than human but very precise than human upgrade this computer  to multilevel process,  

A simple definition of a computer is that a machine that calculates maths for human, 

Use of computer

first, it is using for maths, 
Then use fro some automatic process, 
Then multi-process, 
Then an automatic decision maker computer,  

Now we use computer-like AI = artifactual intelligence, a computer that has it own decision power, of some limitation, 

Characteristics of computer

by reading this post you get the knowledge that what is a computer and how made computer at home? 
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