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Can IAS officer become a singer?

haha, my friend reverse this question can singer become an IAS officer? answer it. maybe you got your answer but... it's enough.........

Think form basic the root of any problem.

can IAS officer become a singer?

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Q&A | its time to play......

Why anyone wants to become a singer or in anything?

This is all are a way that anyone wants inter in any field.

1 for fame 

 in any one chose a field of fame than you may have got or not based on our hard work but we not longer in this action plan because of the purpose of  over goal is only satisfaction our self only,

chance to succeed in this field is maybe 10 to 15 % and satisfaction is _______ fill your self

2. for name

 The second option is the same as above but the question that is money is your last intention if yes then you are on the right path but the answer is different than??

and also
chance to succeed in this field is maybe 10 to 15 % and satisfaction is _______ fill your self

3 passion

 if your passion is ________ than it is no matter what difficulties you faced but  at one day may you success

and a chance to succeed in this field is maybe ______ % and satisfaction is _______ fill your self

4. by force 

in this type you know what if you force the river to stop at one point then it stops? it flows forward only you see a river goes reverse?

so the force is not an option but it is some condition it also happens in this world...

chance to succeed in this field is maybe 10 to 15 % and satisfaction is _______ fill your self

 5 For satisfaction  

if you do work on satisfaction deep breath and mind in peace and follow your heart your get that you want yes first it is not like by you but when the result has come you know the answer...

chance to succeed in this field is maybe 100 % and satisfaction is 100 %

Why history is important for computer science engineering? 

what we without history? if history is not what is the worth of us, 

it does not remember about to some birth date of kings and so and so... some big people say that learn from experience people because it gives you the right understanding about the problem that you face 

Today we heart that some people are insulting our freedom fighter, you see that he said some bad word bout him, 

our family member is whatever if someone says a bad word about him then what you do? you act the same way in history many people are doing the right thing for us we must respect to him. 

history is just a learning thing about future problems.

Holi event in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the best place to celebrate Holi
So many places that holi event is celebrated her someplace that may you halo to celebrate 
Holi event in Ahmedabad

  1. Festival of color – season 5: vastrapur amphitheater nr vastrapur lake opp amrpali lake view
  2. Opal Holi fest 2020:  Hillwoods high school, 101 k road GICD electronic estates sector 25 Gandhinagar
  3. Holi @ Maldives in 19999+ airfare : Laxmi Bazar khadia Ahmedabad
  4. Rang ma rang 2020: karnavati club rd opp truffle café, mumatpura Ahmedabad
  5. Rang de Ahmedabad: Krishna fram Ahmedabad , sindhu bhavan marg prl colony, bodakdev, Ahmedabad
  6. Balam pichkari Holi fest 20: prabhuleela upvan , karnvati club road sarkhej, Gandhinagar hwy. opp YMCA club Ahmedabad
  7. La Tomatina : 1 cresecent outlandish celebrations: 1 sindhu bhavan marg, opp ornet park prl colony thaltej Ahmedabad
  8. Vaidic Holi : Sabarmati Ahmedabad
  9. Holi event in Ahmedabad 2020 :
  10. Rang fuhar holi fest 2020: Dhan Laxmi farm: near dhori vav near bhathiji maharaj mandir off sp ring road, gamdi road vatava Ahmedabad
  11. Bliss ki holi 2.0 : vastrapur amphitheatre : swarakar shree kshumu divetiya amphitheater nr vastrapur lake opp amrapali lake view  

UPSC prelims exam 2020 me kab tak ka current affairs aayega?

Each government exam requires a current of about six months, 
so if you don't have time, you can start reading in December.
 And if you have time, you are advised to read from June 2019,

Generally in UPSC exam, current affairs ask in this format but (note: it's based on a paper survey of UPSC if any problem place follow UPSC syllabus)
Prelims: last year prelims exam to current year prelims exam (according to new trend find in UPSC exam)
For example, if the exam in June 2019 than June 2018 to June 2019 current ask
Mains: same in mains exam also

Normally, current affairs are asked in UPSC for about a year, but when an examination is held in this way, one has to read the current affair for at least one year i.e. from June to May and at the same time read the current affair as long as the examination is extended. Because even in the UPSC exam, three days ago, current affairs has been asked,

But if one wants, one can do the current affair after January, but this is a kind of risk because this exam is for UPSC in any case, so

 To be ready to read the current affair from June 2019 till the date of examination,

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