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how painless positive thing to say? to someone

There is such a prevalence of speaking human beings, By which he/she is identified, Someone's got better speech, So somebody's bad, somebody has speech with love, somebody speaks like shouting, someone has sweet speech, but some people say a painless positive thing to say to someone

So someone has the art of saying that he can easily tell the bad habits of the person in front of him so that he does not feel bad, center them of the post "The art of telling"

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The art of telling

1. Basic info...

What if we live in the belief that our future will always be good? How much truth is there in this belief? it is good for us? we hope that we can find everything in our life, but anyone can't see what hard work required for it
Positive thing to say, How to say negative thing in positive way, How to think positive, Positive thing to say to yourself, Positive thing to say to someone, Positive thing to say happening in the world, Think positive be positive
The positive thing to say

before to know a positive thing to say, someone,  first understand, what is a true thing? and What is the wrong thing?

whatever you think and it comes true, For example, if you think that I can find a good job and you thinking, thinking and thinking about it, and if you find that job. now, according to you, it is a sing of a positive thing?

what if you do not get a good job? it is bad for you? Well, it may be a possibility that, if you didn't get this job, you could work hard and maybe building your own business, and earn more money than your job.

now think which condition is best four you?

In the 90% case, whatever we are thinking about, it is the immediate solution to our problem, that we face now. but in fact, we don't know what is good and what is bad for us, it depends upon, how we react to our problem at that time. only time will say which things are good for us.

What do you want, when you die?  Money, car, fame, People's love, or Satisfaction of yourself. no matter who are you and what you want, but the matter is what you have now.

someone say that there are only things present, no positive nor negative, thinking is a sign of our brain, it is working correctly, our action makes those things right or wrong for us.

2. A positive thing to say to yourself

There are two ways to see a problem in our life. Take any problem, which two ways in all of them.
One is that this problem can be solved and, another one is, the problem cannot be solved.

But we find a new way in it. And that is, "but"
I could but,
I could win but,
I can do if. etc... 

The first positive thing to say yourself, yes I can do it. when you say yes almost 50% of your problem is solved, think technically, for example, if you want to crack any exam, then find what actually it demands, how much effort its need? if you ready then go ahead,  
Positive thing to say, How to say negative thing in positive way, How to think positive, Positive thing to say to yourself, Positive thing to say to someone, Positive thing to say happening in the world, Think positive be positive

For any business, see the possibility of it succeeding, Put your everything in it, but be ready for worse. 

The second thing to say yourself is that Separate yourself from this "but" because it is like the third way of any problem and it not going anywhere, not so much thinking about what you want to do? Just start working because if you keep thinking, you cannot become better in your work. 

Third thing - Just started work, if you have started work, Either that work will be done or not be done. There is a saying "Better than not working, losing by working" and we understand a painless positive thing to say

3. How 21 days lockdown is proving to be a positive thing for our environment?

"When people failed to clean the environment, nature took steps on its own" really, I don't know this sentence is right or wrong, but it contains both good and bedside,

In the past few years, pollution was a big problem in many countries of the world. But if we talk about Lockdown, more than 70% of the vehicles in the whole world are in homes. The best riddle of this is that the carbon dioxide that used to go into the atmosphere every day has reduced very much now.   

we think we are human we did anything, but it is one side of the coin only because you know why??? nature has its own way to positive thing to say to us, 

And we tried to clean the air for many years. He became automatic by this Lockdown. It was feared that in this summer, the situation was going to be very painful very bad, but now it has to a great extent so far,

And we have a very good benefit from this. Not only this, but the Government of India also spent many millions of crores to clean the river. But we all know what the result was. And today, due to the lockdown of this pandemic, this whole river is so clean, effortlessly,
  1. The cleanliness of the environment these days is very good compared to the last five years.
  2. The world's average temperature decreased
  3. The problem of global warming is reduced to a great extent
  4. Our rivers have become clean
We need to understand before it's too late, Nature is, so we are, without nature, human beings have no existence.

4. Think positive be positive

Positive thoughts, this is a reality that, if they understand the basics, almost all problems will be solved. But what are the basics of positive thoughts?  a central theme of this story is a positive thing to say your self 

Let's understand from a story

A man has worked hard and built a big business, and slowly he is working hard to get bigger, but it has been said that not every day in life is the same,

His company has to compete with a multinational company, thus causing a huge loss to the small company, Some days the man does whatever he wants to do and runs, but after a few days his debt increases, everybody wants his money back, this man is in a very big problem,

So, this man, goes to the temple and prays, and tries to solve this problem, at that time, a man comes to him and asks him his trouble, he tells him his troubles, after hears this and the man pulls a chequebook out of his pocket and gives it to him with a check worth fifty crores.

And say my name is Richard, I was once in trouble, one person helped me, and today I pay for it, it is for my satisfaction, and then the man started to walk away, Richard is a rich man in that city,

Now that this man's trouble is over, he goes away and feels at peace, and thinks that it doesn't matter anymore, in this story

He thinks in his mind that he will not use that check money unless he needs it very much, And the next day he starts his business with renewed Enthusiasm, and if there is a problem, he will come out with the help of the money of this check,
Positive thing to say, How to say negative thing in positive way, How to think positive, Positive thing to say to yourself, Positive thing to say to someone, Positive thing to say happening in the world, Think positive be positive

It becomes successful again,

A year passes, one day his vision falls in a box in which had a check of ten crores. His hard work was so good that he didn't have to use this check, 

So he thinks that the time has come to give this check back to Richard, so he goes to that temple, where he went a year ago. And Richard gave him the check,

He arrives and he looks at Richard and says thank you very much, Richard, I have come back to give you a check for ten million,

The man looks at him in a shelter and says that he is not Richard, A businessman tells him all this, that one year ago from today you gave me a check of ten crores,

The guy laughs and says that I'm just an ordinary person, and this check is wrong, I just joked, so that you get rid of the hassle,

By hearing this, the businessman laughs loudly and Began to think that the whole business that stands again because of this check, and it was wrong

He began to think calmly, What did he have so that he could rebuild his business? And the answer was positive thinking

Yes, he solved all the problems with the confidence of himself and positive thinking. this story tells how positive thing to say to your mind

5. How to say a negative thing in a positive way

In this world we met a different type of human being, if anybody says anything wrong, they get offended,

If any of the characters are bad and you tell them your characters are bad,
It may sound wrong, but if you tell him that your character is good, but you can still delete a more beautiful character, it is better to say,

If someone is often unsuccessful, instead of telling unsuccessful to him, you should be encouraged him, how he has to work even harder for this job,

If the wife does not make it good to eat, praise her more for food, she will automatically know and not have any fights,

if you find pl tell in a comment that changes your look about yourself, 

And if you find any positive thing to say someone pl shear,  thanks to reading painless positive thing to say

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