Inspiring story points in agile-New Life of Genome

The topic of the post.⤇ story points in agile  "New Life of Genome" In this story, we will see how the planet Novak has bred creatures on a lifeless planet and made them so capable that they made them better than the people of their planet.

1. "New Life of Genome" story points in agile

Today, a new project has been approved in our planet. Our biologists approved it. It was named "New Life of Genome". This was an experiment in which the people of the planet Novek had to discover how the biography started on our planet.
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For this, our scientists decided to send all the small basic particles of life and other organisms like RNA, DNA, PDC, etc. to a planet in our planetarium, by sending them to a planet without life. we found many story points in agile explained, but if we found anything?

We were alive on our planet because of its climate. Therefore, our scientists also sent technology with this spaceship, as if this organism went to that planet, then its atmosphere and the rest of the things that were necessary for life, all those inquiries were made.

And with it a machine that makes all these RNA, DNA, PDC, and organizes them separately and gives us information about its development. Sayed had put the genetic code of all creatures in this jar.
And it was a bit dangerous to use it on our planet because if anything went wrong then these creatures could be dangerous for our planet.
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story points in agile explained

Everyone was very excited about this day. Today, we were sending Spaceship Wongu to the sixth planet of our planetarium. Our most different experiment so far was to change the new life of the genome into reality.

Our space oyster Wongu landed on Bosque planet for eighty-eight days. Our planet has grown so much that it can travel at the speed of light in space. For this reason, we had decided this seven lakh crore kilometer distance in eighteen days of the month.

Our experiment started after the Boks landed on the planet. In order to develop different genetic codes, we put a hole in every seven kilometers in that planet's earth and put one of these shells in it. Like this, we kept many of the marchers there and put a chemical in it so that their development is very fast. And started practicing what chains bring in him.

Ah, it was going to be eight months and the results in the meantime were quite choking. Those little creatures in these pots were now joining together and growing up and its story points in agile. But there are two different kinds of creatures found in these magazines. After studying this, it was found that the number of genetics involved in it was different.

But the problem was that they started killing different looking creatures like them. This was quite strange because all the creatures were trying to save their lives. you found story points in agile? Meanwhile, we opened a jar. What effect does that planet have on the environment of that planet?

All the creatures that came into contact with the planet Boks started dying. We felt that there is no use, we do not have enough means to adapt their genetic code to that environment.

But one day a strange event happened, those creatures died, but some cells of that creature were alive in the atmosphere of the planet Boks. We did a lot of research but nothing worked out.

Then we diverted our attention from there to another experiment. Ab Sayed had spent more than two in-laws. One day, when we saw the surface of the planet Boks, we were stunned by its view. There were small creatures on the surface and they were making the necessary things for their life on it.

2. Life is a short inspirational quote.

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story points in agile estimation
I will never give up.

Standing under the sky, I Looking at those clouds,
With small wish in my heart forgot the pain,
Forgot the stress, forgot everything, “just live now.”
I will never give up…

The dream itself is still incomplete, just looking for a way to complete it.
Tear in the eyes today, I stand in front of the God
Who runs this entire world,
I stand up whenever I lose,
I will never give up…

I know only two choices
Solve a problem or problem is not solved,  
There are thousands of new challenge has been waiting,
When I solve one but, I will never give up…

There is no complaint to you, O God
I just pray to you, want to endure these I am living,
I remember again and again to me, only one thing
I will fight or I will die but O God, I will never give up…
I will never give up…

I will never give up… 

Knowledge is a powerful quote. and the right way to story points in agile.

3. Research Topics of the post-(Quantum Computer)

In this topic, we quickly understand what quantum computing is? and the future of quantum computing

Research on quantum computers has been going on for many years, which will use quantum bits for information,

At present, the number of computers you see uses binary codes 0 and 1(byte), so their speed is not exceeded. In quantum computing scientist use quantum bits, the comportment law of atom and subatomic particles use,

Now the question is what is this quantum bit, so let's understand with an example,

The current computer uses bytes, which are used by 0 and 1, but not is the same time, so if this bit system has too many solutions to the same problem, it takes more time for the computer of this binary system to test it, for example. we must know the story points in agile

If the binary system asks if a bottle is filled with water, coffee, tea, soda, or any other liquid? So the binary system will check all those probabilities simultaneously, this will take longer.

When the data in the quantum bit is 0 or 1 or (0,1) at the same time in all three forms, and if the bottle is tested on a quantum system, it takes less time to check all the probabilities, Simply speaking, there is only one person in the binary system, so it takes longer,

Where there are more than two humans in the quantum system, it seems less time consuming,

Quantum bits are the smallest unit in the quantum information. one research say that Doing one thing,
  Today's computers take 10,000 years, Doing the same thing, this quantum computer only takes 200 seconds,
her we end with story points in agile estimation
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