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 Heart touching quotes about life

Leads the team in success, and in leadership itself, the real leader.

when a team in un-success leads the team, and when a group in success ask a team to lead, it is the real quality of leadership,

Learn from every living and non-living element

Learn from the electric board that helps who really needs,

Learn from shoes that protect those who really trust you,

Learn from mobile that real person is that who should change as needed,

When someone sees you, they see the vision in you, this call really personality,
People want you to move on, but not beyond them.
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You should not necessary to answer every people, sometimes your silent-ness is the answer,

We spread good Scent Perfume on over body, but at the time we die we Smelly badly this is the truth of life, but if you do some good work for someone they remember you as a pleasant scent,

When your problem solve by god than you trust in god, but when your question is not resolved by god than understand that god trust in you that you can solve this problem.
Trust is not seen, but it does every impossible work in possible,

Sometimes you face more problem not because of that you are not good, but for that, you are two excellent.

we all need Heart touching Quotes about life sometimes, for our happiness 

In life, you face problem than understand that you so some mistake, find it and solve it,
Those people make a profit in life that has a strength to a value of Loss.

Your heart must be like the ocean because everyone wants to meet the sea, so they come to the sea,

What did you like in your life? Traveling in a very high-cost car, of walking with your friend?

Real Heart touching quotes about life "Life gives a chance to human, not choice"

Every human think that he does as he wants, so he is sad, but if human believe that everything that happens to me is good then he will be in happy energy time,

Mobile gives you quick happiness, movie give you some hours of joy, TV gives you someday of pleasure, but the book provides you happy life,

Indeed, you die eventually, and you don’t take any think with you so why are you live for any object in your whole life and Heart touching Quotes about life,

math’s has only 0 to 9, but some say that only 10 character math has, and some say that math’s has unlimited character, it is just way of how you see anything if you say your problem is big then it is huge, but when you think that it is small than it is tiny,
Why think most important in human life.

  Your mind always going those think that you don’t want to do, if you overcome this think you beat millions thinker,
Heart touching Quotes about life, heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching quotes about life in English, heart touching quotes about life and love, heart touching quotes about life and death, beautiful heart touching quotes about life, best heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching life change quotes

When tree got fruit it goes down, so tree got an honor, but when human got the fruit of money, they go up so everyone honors without side but the heat from inside,
You can see the time?    

Heart touching lines about life about love; 

Love is just only feeling that someone care for you,

You think I will never heart, but I never heart by you,

True love is seen in moon and earth, at night moon throw soft sunray to absorb 93% of heat,

Love is learned from the headphone because if one side the headphone is not working then no value, same way if in your life only someone love you then this Relationships is not for a long time but in right Relationships both attachments are equal,

In Relationships, both have a fair chance of how much long their Relationships is going on?

If you blame someone ask one question about why I blame him/her?

True love is how you respect your desire? 

On your life, you are attached to someone but when you live him you fill so to bed at that time Heart touching Quotes about life help to solve this, 

Love is the food of Relationships if it is good than Relationships go a long time, if it is not good Relationships are the end short time. love for you Heart touching Quotes about life

What do you want your love is needed you or you love to support you?

Relationships are just like medicine, in the test it is not good but its result is good,
Actual work is that you love to do it, not to work it,

Mother always protects her child, so the child is trust mother, the same way you always protect your love, your love is trusting you,

Love is not to show others, but love is what to do your partner,

Whatever you want and you get it then god give you, but whatever you want and you take it with you real smart work than god love you,

God doesn’t like that someone bags to him, it like that someone comes to meet him,

You found more people that tell you I will support you, not trust them, but somebody says that you do this thing, take advisees from him, because supporter always run away, but a true friend is with you always,   

Heart touching lines about life about passion

Life is just to find himself,

Is money the only way to find happiness in your life?

your world is as it is that you able to see it if you see a problem in your life than you see a problem in your life, but when you learn to understand their solutions, you see the solution,
Heart touching Quotes about life, heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching quotes about life in English, heart touching quotes about life and love, heart touching quotes about life and death, beautiful heart touching quotes about life, best heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching life change quotes

one day one man who lost his one hand fingers, came into the jungle and crying that he is fail in his life, he is crying and trying to die, but at that time he saw the man who swims in a river whose hand is gone, he thinks that if he can live then why I should die?
This is the a vision of how you see your life? What you see the problem or solution of a problem?

Life is just game of time, because an elephant can kill thousands of ants but one elephant afraid of one bee,

Your heart is trust in you? You trust your heart? This is the best relationship of your life,

Who can control its emotion they did not need anything in his or her life,

Helps other without any aspects, may you get help when you need,

There is one a moment in each person's life that, when he cannot get help from anyone other than himself,

The satisfaction of your this movement is the best enemy of your life, because it takes away your life growth,

Your heart is the GPS system of your success, when you are in the wrong direction it's not happy,

All engine has its own speed, but all human has same speed, it’s depends upon their drivers that how he can drive safe and fast,

When your heart is fill something bed filling that you don’t like, ask your heart that what he wants, the answer will come,

If you're going to quick money than it’s not possible, because one seed takes time to be a tree,
What is the essential part of your body, hart, mind, etc…???? All are the same meaningful, same way we all human are need each other.

You are the main character of your life movie, now it’s in your hand that flop of a blockbuster, how you act in this movie?

God gives seed it is in your hand that how? Where? And why? You swing this seed, and how you care this seed?

 About Beautiful life heart touching quotes

Here some Heart touching Quotes about life, to get peace for your heart and mind which  Accelerator you,

Some thief theft in a house, but in this house, many plants were grown. But no one in this house to care this plant, this thief has an interest in plant and tree, in free time, so when he sees this plant is going to dead   

So thief cancels his think to theft and stays this house and care that tree,

He cares very well all of that tree and plant, actually, this house is one old man, and he felt a heart attack, someone takes him in to a hospital, but when he Understand this event it takes six-day,

When he relies on him he runs away from the hospital and comes into the home. But when he comes home, he surprises because all plant is in excellent condition, someone cares him,

When he goes inside back, he saw this thief, thief afraid and tell him the truth, so this aged person take a deep breath and tell this thief that if he wants to stay hear he can wait, I give you money for this care, because I become an old I felt problem to care all this plant,

After that, this thief stay there, but after some of the month this aged man dies, and he gave all his Property to this thief,

Indeed, you always follow your hearts because it is still in the right direction,

When you see blind people, in your deepest heart you want to help him, but you think that what others think, and others are also think that,

Winged bird does not give up trying to fly, but we human give up in small-small problems in our life, in Heart touching Quotes about life 

When one bee is in trouble, all others come to help, because they are a bee, but when one human in trouble hardly some of those came to help him, so who is great? Bee or humans?

Human is always perfect, but I don’t know why? Always he says that he can’t do this? It like that fish say that I not swim, but when it tries to swim it is very easy for this fish,

The waves of the sea leave their height to meet the shore, but we humans can’t leave his ego to meet humanity,

 We can do anything that we think because we think those that we can do,

Love is like blood teach screen if you teach with him with other material it not work, but if you teach it with your heart its work,

When a VVIP man dies, does his bone become gold? What he took with him,(Heart touching Quotes about life )

In comparison to how grand the wedding is? Compare that how much glory is maintained after marriage?

Eat for your body not for status, because of status is just for some time but your body is every time with you,

Food is to give energy to human, but human eat food like kill himself,

God only thinks because if you believe that God is everywhere than god is every, but when you think that God is nowhere than god is nowhere, this is the truth of the world,

If you believe that your prominent in any field, then think in-universe you are only 0.00000000000000001 million50000000000000time shorter than the universe,

if you believe that God is not on earth then, then think that If earth stops for millions of millions of millions part of the second all element on earth is throw in space, and die,

Heart touching lines about life quotes

Nature is always think that how I made all object so it like beautiful,

As you make the operation to cleaning home, the same way you should operate for cleaning you heart,

You always think that God will save you, but God believe that when human save himself,

Ones you chose a way to live than give you 100% effort to walk this way because this is the only way to success,

Every person in his life is fail because he always works for money, but when human is learn how to work with the heart than he never unsuccessful in his life,

There is nothing in the forest, but there is peace when there is everything in life, there is unrest.

We find peace out of our body, but the truth is that peace is in our body,

Life = happiness + peace + love + think + imaginations + force of nature + equation

Life ABCD 

Welcome to Heart touching Quotes about life  We have brought for you life ABCD

A for anger “No make anger in your life”
B for big “think big do big”
C for make creative “always creative in your life”
D for always do “just do whatever you want not too much think”
E for Education, Entertainments, Enjoy in your life
F for focus “focus on your dram”
G for Genius “you are genius person on earth”
H for Honest “honest in your life”
I for yourself “I am the greatest person who ever born on earth” 
J for Justify “justify your need”
K for Kept “not kept in problem just solve it”
L for like “like everyone because all living creature is as same as you”
M for Make ‘make your life as never in history”   
N is for No “when you don’t know any about than say No”
O for open “open your mind to learn”
P for People “people of earth needs people with humidity” 
Q for quick “Quick to find the solution to your problem”
R = Rights ‘know your rights and protect another right”
S is for Save “save that environment that saves you”
T is for taking “Take the right action in your life, to make your life better, and peace of your life”
U is for up “if you go up in your life, stay your leg on earth, because it is a world”  
V is victory “for not celebrate your victory because someone loss so you get this victory,”
W is for wing “give your dream a wing, but always thinks positive”
X is for Xwlline “ xwlline is the only way to find trust”
Y is for your  thought “your thought is the only way to change the world”
Z is for zone “zone of your life is all worlds” 

Best Heart touching quotes about life is that you never teach your heart,

When you understand Heart touching Quotes about life, your life is going on right track,

Life is like a track of music, because some time music track is in its high pick and some the time it is in the low pick, but it still going, he finds its own way,

In earth sound listing due to the medium, same way, in life we need a medium of humidity,

Nature is always great because we invent the camera, but nature gives birth to the camera, and things is that we not invent the camera like our eyes,

We think that our life is the end and some point, so we stop there, but the truth is that maybe time to think that what you do in your life,

Heart touching lines about life on facing fear

fear is the most common enemy for everyone how can we bit it by Heart touching Quotes about life, more will you read more will you get,

Your fear that someone stole your money, but you do not fear that you took the capital of nature,

If you want to be some think of your life than you to be a tree because you create your own need with yourself,

What is the fear of lion in the jungle? And what is the fear of humans in life?

You think that you afraid to lose but it is true that if you want to get something than you lose something,

When you fill fearful of anything, then think that it is real or not, because in 99% human afraid of those believe that is not in real,

If you afraid to walk how you rich your destiny? If you afraid to take medicine that how you get good heath? If you afraid to eat how you get energy? If you afraid to make a decision than how you complete your work?

In desert Heart would be like touching the lines of life and it’s about life of humidity and their quotes to change the world,

When you fill fear than your whole body are activate for any think, at that time you so some amazing work,

Life is the universe, the universe is the matter, the matter is energy, energy is the human, and human is life,

Fear is one experience, the experience is life, life is to complete dream, dream are those that you want to complete, and it comes through experience,

When you are alone you think that anybody can’t see you, but the truth is that you see yourself,   
Heart touching Quotes about life, heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching quotes about life in English, heart touching quotes about life and love, heart touching quotes about life and death, beautiful heart touching quotes about life, best heart touching quotes about life in Hindi, heart touching life change quotes

Heart touching quotes about life  is for you and your love,

Earth is the only has a life? Earth only has water? Earth only has humans? If you think that then it is like your fear,
Your heart is more durable than diamond, and softer than vegetables, you now believe the how you feel that your heart is?

   Mechanically heart has four quadrants tow for good and two for evil, so it is on you that how you chose it,

Bear in jungle, dog in the city, human in the country, both are don’t know that what is the right a place for stay,

Don’t ask god that not give problems, ask God that gives problem but also give power to solve this problem,

Beautiful is the not only thing that you have in today life, but you must have even brave, beautiful with hearts,

Human know with name and fear know with its fear factor,

When you are in the darkness not afraid, but light a lamp that makes you help,

When all worlds think that it’s over, this the time to think that what is starts,

If you think in your mind that you do something, then only one person can stop you, it’s yourself only,

Do you all work with effort and courage, because you don’t know what time you die is,

3000 has three zero to increase the value of 3 but no amount of single 0, same way in life so many people do hard work to make your life batter, because if they are not in your life may your value is 3 only,

Every small the path is met a big way, so keep walking on your way without any fear

On earth know the value of human, but millions of millions of human don’t know the value of earth,

You walk always for your goal, but some time in your life you walk for your happiness,

The one you still want to keep smiling at, maybe that just takes away your joy,

Fear is in eyes can see anyone, put fear in the heart is to see by only you,

Peace of the mind is no value without understanding, it’s like gold give to the monkey

Being alone is a pleasure, but being with someone,
There will also, be happiness and sweetness in life, 

Heart touching quotes about life may help you to enjoy your life, 

Without this life is nothing, but without me, my family is all,

No matter how high the waves of the sea must come down,

When in life there is fear, the only thought comes, where this fear comes from,
And who brings this fear

The sand on the seashore is never dry, and there is no life without pain.

You are a thing that you will enjoy, but have you ever had fun, anything to do? 

Heart touching quotes for happiness for him

If someone in your life is very important, make him happy because if he is not satisfied then your happiness may be stolen,

Music makes you happy and cheerfulness make you to hard work with smartness and smartness make your work easy to live your life with pay attention,

Message is come from is very important, because it has two type one is that for your heart and another is that for life,

Messages make you happy, but happiness make all happy,

What your think about your Heart is knowledge of touching the life of lines of best about life, lifelike alone,

The sky is blue, the night is dark, nature is green, a human is??? That everyone to know, but can we know human….??

Your get some happiness by seeing a movie, but you get a happy life to do someone help, who needs?

If Heart full of happiness than by touching other people lines about life make him happy, because it is no money, and satisfaction is increase by sharing,

What you fill when you are happy? This is the question that everyone wants to know but nobody can try to understand it,

If you know the way of happiness, catch the right bus of joy, that makes your life happiness,

Many time you are in sed at that time Heart touching quotes about life plays an important role because Heart touching Quotes about life is for everyone who wants to peace 

No matter that how your life is long, but thing is that in life how much shear happiness,

Not listen music by ear, but fill music by heart to make life happy,

Every day the sun is shine and rise, everyday human weak up and sleep, but happiness is not rise not sine, no weak up, and no sleep, it comes when your heart is ready to welcome it,

Locate your happy face every creature has to fill something deep inside them, this nature that without language you talk to everyone,

To make one a cup of tea we need more than three ingredients, but if we want to make happy the face we need only one part,
Every vegetable has some vitamin to make human life healthy, but only happiness does not carry any vitamin but it make our life healthy,

Human run for healthy every time, but if they spend some time to the satisfaction that health want to come to him,

It is necessary that if you want to happiness than you make someone happy,  

When you archive your goal, not think about happiness, consider how much effort you need to do it, then learning it file next goal,

Human don’t know that in which thing they fill happiness, if they see this thing than all race of life will end,

Happiness meaning is that when you do those things that your heart say, but not in silly think like all want to form you,

Heart touching quotes about life with images

Human image is see in his happiness, that how he smiles, how he thing? And how he does?
Full form of IMAGE
I = incomplete   
M = motivate about anything
A = all knowledge
G = give information
E = energy about life,
S = source of everything

Image = life + love

If you think that you do some work with dyeing your heart, then ask a question to yourself that what is big you see in your life? And what is a small thing you see in your life? And also think that what is significant in this universe? And what is small in the world?

Human ego is like a human shadow? It is seen by everyone, but nobody can catch it. It dies when no light,

Human is faster than computer but we trust on compute because we don’t want to work,

What is the limitation of your life? Make your limitation into your strangeness than nobody can bite you,

If human think any, thing that it is true that out of 100% through 99% thought is not apply in real life, we humans live most in just those thought that cannot happen in real life,

One day one tree came to humans and asks that what is most important in your life? Human say that money, then tree money the same question than money answer to him that I don’t need anything,     

“Human always run for those things that he thinks so if you think those think that you really get than your life is like think of someone.”

“Inhuman life everyone should clear in his life that what he wants to do and what he does right now”

Only human have a speaking capability, but only human indeed behave like he not listen any thin,
If one is with someone in life, life becomes hopeless,

From the tune of music to the atmosphere and, from the beat of the heart, life becomes joyful,

Human life is very short and if you did not find any Heart touching quotes about life pl read this I hope you find, 

 Heart touching words 

Human and nature is friend

  Love is painful but pain gives you the reality of the world,

Human can do anything and human can do nothing, just small change of think,

No matter how deep the trench, whatever the high mountain, if an ant can’t stop little ant, then we are human beings, how they can stop us.

Any story has to wait for its hero, do you know that you are the hero of the movie of your life, so don’t wait for anyone to do whatever you want,  

Heart touching lines about life quotes in Hindi

The whole world is against you when you are right, so fight for it,   but when you against yourself then you fight with??
  Everyone looks forward to the world of dreams, but very few people do hard work for the world of dreams,

Grief is the only experience, but when it overpowers us, only then does it harm us,

Whatever kind of pains you can suffer in life, if you know that the human brain does not experience any pain, it also believes in science,

The fun of living is when we enjoy it,

In whom do you think, in God, or in yourself?

Everyone is waiting for tomorrow, but it never comes, and it doesn't happen, they don't know,

Anyway we are to walk, whatever the problem, we have to deal with it,

Our brain is the cause of some misery, you can be scared of the elephant and ride hard beyond it, and just what you think is essential, the rest of life is just life.

Even if the sea cannot move beyond the shore, whatever your mind desires, it cannot go anywhere without your desire,

Whenever you feel like no one is with you, just understand that you are making progress,

   Whatever the positive thoughts, there is a moment in life, when you tell yourself that is enough,

Give the most important in your life to the one who has supported you in your troubles,

No matter what you do, it is not successful where you do not do anything differently,

Learn different ways of working, life will go a long way,

No matter what the problem, if you learn how to come in peace? Then that problem will be solved by itself,

In the world, we all have a heart when we did something wrong, in our heart, we fill something guilt at that time read Heart touching Quotes about life, for your peace of mind, more at here


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