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Not Unusual Space Travel story ideas

Welcome to space travel story ideas, This is the story of the commander who saves his universe, form aliens with his advanced technology, The power to shrink any object in to a tine little globe and who destroy the planets with his own strength, they take its inner core hit and use to survive in-universe,

Speaking of the Yubs universe which is called the time lock of the universe, there is a place in this universe where time has only changed when an object moving of, 
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commander sturks 

So the age of his people depends on how far he has traveled, and if a person is too old, it means that he will have traveled a very short distance, so anyone from out of the Yubs universe wants to bring his own planet on to the Yubs universe, 

Long ago there was no such difference in the Yubs universe, but its scientists discovered a natural gravity so that time and distance would contradict each other, that is, the distance would increase with time, while the time for all other conditions would be fixed when active this virtual gravity Once done

This place in the universe has been an amazing place for anyone, there have been many solar systems and so many planets. Creatures from outside determined their own planet and created a habitable environment for them to live there, but for its permission, it was necessary to seek the consent of an organization called Voyo. 

One commander, commander Sturk, who is known for his bravery, All the creatures in the Yubs universe were familiar with his bravery, in space, time is just unknown dimensions in space travel story ideas

He was also a scientist, he invented a lot of technology, as well as natural energy, with this energy he could create an environment conducive to life in any place,

They would select a planet and scan it beforehand and make a virtual copy of the planet outside its solar system or where there is no atmosphere and test their energy there, every living thing needs a different environment to live. in space travel story ideas many universes are powerful and are just, For example, dull creatures need very high temperatures and spark rays to survive, 

while vidami creatures need very low temperatures. It needs to be sector seconds reflection rays, 
space travel story ideas, space opera story ideas, space short story ideas, space themed story ideas

People from all over the universe live there in peace, there is a lot of security to get inside, there is a cover of Tusca energy around the whole universe that can stop any object with a million densities to get inside,

There are many creatures that are trying to take over this place, but due to the bravery of Commander Sturk and your techniques, not all creatures could occupy this place. All this energy they are using Ostedic technology, Ostedic technology converts any object into a plasma matter, changes its molecules, and converts it into one such energy cell.

A group of all the creatures from a solar system come together and plan to attack here, they first need a million stars to break the energy of the UBS universe, which releases five quads of energy into the universe in one second. , A quads means it takes a hundred years to release as much energy for our sun. visite other space travel story ideas in here

Now to find such stars, they go out into the universe, and destroy many creatures, a lot of time passes than us, the news of their arrival is known to Sturk, they give this message to the organization that keeps an eye on the universe. Yes, but they do not have the power to stop these creatures, because they are so numerous, they have the most powerful technology in the entire universe to hide on a distant planet. Steals what is being eaten

Now the question was that it was difficult to defeat them with this technique, and they were destroying the entire solar system of all the creatures that were going to stop them, so the whole universe system is in danger, now how does this commander stork destroy it...
space travel story ideas, space opera story ideas, space short story ideas, space themed story ideas

The creatures that are trying to take over the universe are increasing in number with the help of clonic technology. As time goes on, the number becomes very large. Going to war with, Sturk arranges a lot of war techniques in his spacecraft,
But they knew that as long as their cloning was going on, it would be very difficult to defeat them without destroying their badge clone to destroy their cloning technology.

space travel story ideas

Sturks take their spacecraft and embark on their mission, disappearing their spacecraft by dropping technique, setting their coordinates. And at light speed it travels over the planet inhabited by those dangerous creatures, using the space travel commanding the spacecraft's fast travel tunnel and reaching that planet,

There are millions of creatures building warships there, so their numbers from cloning are much higher than they expected, their technology makes them a ready war in a very short time. Soldiers are building, and they have a very large store of energy stored in the core of their planet, seeing this technique, the stork falls into a state of utter shelter, this technique is the whole universe. 

Nda just be a badge of creatures, the creatures had been seen from the avata storms in the universe, and they have other techniques.

Seeing this, they realize that someone has sold them this technology. this story by steetlom- space travel story ideas

Sturk knew that a special kind of triangular cube key was needed to operate this technique, as one edge of the triangle made it lighter and extra energy flowed out of it, protecting the energy reserves.

If by any means this triangular key is obtained, that energy can be used to destroy this spacecraft, or if this energy is stored in the center of the planet, some other way is created to get the energy out, the energy inside will become unbalanced and the planet Will be destroyed by its own energy,

Since Commander Stork has no time, he uses a device on this planet and the people on that spacecraft so that time is slow for all of them and he can do his job faster, after reading this space travel story ideas

Using this device, Sturk sent the prisoners on the other side of the planet out of the safe planet and created another energy gate, and in a short time the energy inside the planet caused an explosion in its core and its existence disappeared from the universe. Is done,

But this was just a move when Stork Ubs was preparing to go into the universe when he gets the message from there that other creatures have invaded and taken over the space. Stark realizes that this was just a ploy to get him away.
Now he realizes his mistake, and from there he takes his spacecraft to a secret place,
space travel story ideas, space opera story ideas, space short story ideas, space themed story ideas

Alien sci-fi space travel story ideas of commander sturks-  robot generator idea of writing science fiction technology of artificial intelligence 

So what will Stark do now to save his universe? is in another part of space travel story ideas

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