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Thursday, August 22, 2019

2:34 AM

An inspirational story in English by neetsman | peace of mind

An inspirational story in English shares some stories that may change your life. 

"The sun is only one, which does not require anyone to shine."

"Each man has two choices, one lives the life of the world and the other changes the world according to his wishes"

"How do want to Scent in your life? By perfume? or by your inner self?"

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An inspirational story in English

1. Overcome the silence of hard work, by the sound of success,

One village was surrounded by a river on the other side, so during the monsoon season when there was excess water in the river, the exit would be closed.

Thus, during all monsoons, they would leave the village, or take their necessary belongings and stop there,

 A carpenter lived in that village. One day it occurred to him that any of these remedies had to be taken, so during the winter season, he began to cut down large trees and build a bridge,

The people of this saw village say that this wooden bridge will be strained in water, this is a futile act, but the carpenter was doing his work in peace, without realizing anyone. this inspirational story in English comes with new stories. 

All the people said that but the carpenter had faith in himself and as such, he was going ahead with his work, now this wooden bridge had come to an end. Monsoons, on the other hand, were approaching.

All the people said that the bridge would not work, but the carpenter continued his work and completed the work of the bridge.

The carpenter was very pleased, checked her all out, and went home, all the same as every day, whispering to Kai and walking away.

But that night it was raining heavily, and nobody got a chance to get out of the village. Or to carry any luggage, in the morning when you see it, that wooden bridge, it was a no-go on the river,

And the people who used to call the carpenter nothing, thanked him today and apologized for it.

From that day on, the people of that village were not tired of thanking the carpenter.

Thus, do your job as a carpenter, time will come and you will have success.

Another inspirational story in English

2. Tray to change thing.

One man who lives in a city, which has big buildings, vehicles, and every facility available, which is need by humans. He came to the village in the deep jungle.

Thu human live in this jungle is never seen the city, they live into the jungle in many past years, in this jungle village cottage in not more than two floors, and is made of clay.

The human visit this village, he can’t know about the village, and he doesn’t know that in the village not more Convenience is available. So he was very upset.

He asks this villager that in my city
He started talking about the city, that there were tall buildings in the city. There are paved roads. There are hotels to dine in, theaters to watch, etc.

But these tribal people had never seen the city. So they started to say how many of us are building like two-floor huts? an inspirational story in English shares new things.

If the urban man said or not, even the tallest buildings, the people of the village began to answer him, are the tall buildings like trees?

If the urban man said or not, even the tallest buildings, the people of the village began to answer him, are the tall buildings like trees?

The urban man spoke, or even the tallest buildings.

On hearing this, the people of the village started saying that they were lying, there was no such high building. How many years have we been living in this forest, have you seen any?

Thus a dispute arose between the town and the people of that village.

The people in that village were true, and so was the man.

The man from the city saw the tall building. Thus he knew its height, but the tribes living in this forest did not see anything higher than the tree, so they do not know the true height,

Thus the debate between the two ended with no end.

So who is right now? to know it continues on this inspirational story in English 

Thus, if those tribal people once believed this urban man, and if this urban man was persuaded that these people had never seen such a tall building, they should explain it peacefully.

There is a saying, a frog living in a well cannot think of the sea as larger than two walls of wells.

Thus if even in our life when no one understands, then the talker should change the words so that everyone can understand.

The urban man spoke, or even the tallest buildings.

On hearing this, the people of the village started saying that they were lying, there was no such high building. How many years have we been living in this forest, have you seen any? 

Thus a dispute arose between the town and the people of that village. know the meaning of the inspirational story in English

The people in that gamma was right, and the man, too, was saying,

The man from the city saw the tall building. Thus he knew its height, but the tribes living in this forest did not see anything higher than the tree, so they do not know the true height,

3. What is the value of this work?

As the river flooded, water was flowing all around, animals and people were doing everything they could save it,

As the water of the river was filled with water at the rate of ants, small shrubs were trying to save themselves, their numbers were increasing.

Such a small group was appearing far away, a man came in and, taking this little group of ants, and putting them in a safe place, another person saw this, and,

Tell him, brother, how many ants do you save? In front of them, if their numbers are too high, if you support all these ants at your place, they will bite you, what will you gain from this?

Hearing this and the man burned, I don't know how many ants I could save. Or what can I get from this? But these ants will find everything. its inspirational story in English

The man rescued all the ants that came to him, and in his home, the number of ants increased tremendously. The flood condition lasted seven days,

And during these seven days the man would even feed the ants, and the funny thing was, during this time no ants were seen in his room or his food, or he had a bite,

The condition of the flood became milder, the water was gone, and the ants made living near the man's house and the man joined them with a strange relative.

Thus, in our life, if we get anything from our work, we must do it.

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

12:17 AM

Did you know personal growth meaning? free personality development course

Tow student complete their study, after complete their study they are going for an interview, choose right personal growth meaning in this story…………

One student is in well dressing, and complete all basic that interviewer needs, but when he going to interview room, he enters and a sit-down in a chair. And start telling about his achievement and more….

Another student comes in average dress, and not completes basic needs of the interviewer, but he asks coming before inter the room and then asks may have sit?

So according to you which student more chance to select in this interview?

Think that you are the interviewer, so which student you chose for your company? So that your company’s growth is increased,

 Personality development is most meaning full word, so we must know the value of the meaning of personal growth or personality development whatever……
Personal growth!!!!!!

personal growth meaning in hindi, life growth meaning, personal growth in life nature of personal growth, personal growth value, speech on personal growth, growth for  me means, change meaning in life
personal growth meaning

When you are in touch with the world so you need personal growth,
It is the key to archive more success in your coming life,
If you archive the goal that you want so personality development play role about 30% in some case,

In a human life it plays the role of a different percentage,

When people speak in front of a group of people they need to know personal growth meaning,

When some person going for an interview they need to know personal growth value,

But every human's personal growth is true to the nature of personal growth,

What is personal growth meaning?

It the growth of life,
It is a mirror of life
It is a peace of life
It is the true value of your life

So basically we say that personal growth is that “when we understand that which place what to speak?  How to behave? What to do? And no harm other people filling by not harm you filling it is the truth of personal growth meaning

Free personality development course

There is some important point that should have must follow by you,

What is personal growth value?
Know the value of your self
What is the growth for me means?
Know the value of other people,
What is the nature of personal growth?

What is personal growth value?

Understand other people is one of the most important rule of personality development,
Where ever you go and if you need to speak then you know must that what is it about, then think about what to speak?

If you talk with-out understand then it is the chance that these people ignore you, how did you fill when somebody talk to you with understanding you?

 “When you full satisfaction in your heart, that I got something and know the value of it is the true value of personal growth”

It is a very amazing word if you know it, and if you don’t know it is the most surprising word, with ??????

It is not of your body like when you are in childhood and now you are human? It is the point that how you use your brain? Basically, our understood is an indicator of our life growth,  

The value of time is understood by people who lost his train, bus, and flight by just one minute.

And one most thing is that we all human is one, we all are same we are not different from each other, we all human are made of same martial,

When all human is thinking about each other then it is the true value of personal growth and knows the  personal growth meaning
personal growth meaning in hindi, life growth meaning, personal growth in life nature of personal growth, personal growth value, speech on personal growth, growth for  me means, change meaning in life
personal growth meaning

Know the value of you self

Who are you?
What are you wanted to do?

If you want to rich your goal then first you are the most abstraction to archive your goal,
in 80% of people fail because they don’t know the value of himself. Because we all know what is human can do?

Try this experiment to know the value of your self

If you have some work and you think that I can’t do this then you mind gives you thousands of Rison that why you can’t do this work,

If you want to do weak up early in the morning and you think that I can’t weak up in the morning your mind give Rison that like

Because I sleep late at night, had pain, Alarms not rings, I weak up but my eyes not open, etc…..

And if you say anyhow I want to weak up early in the morning when your mind says
First, say no I can’t

Then you again you say I want to weak up in the morning?

Again your mind says No

And if you last time say that it is I weak up early in the morning anyhow? Then your mind says ok we weak up in the early morning.

But first, you trust yourself and say to you that I am the greatest persona in the world 
never born, say this again and again to yourself, so some energy flow in your body that only you fill,

and then you know the personal growth meaning

First, you must know you’re self  

What is the growth for me means?

Your heart voice is always right, you do as you want so it is the growth of your life because it makes you peaceful, and peace make you happy and that make your life better,

According to me, growth is that when you free from every trap of this world like you think that if I have a car then I rich than my neighbors,

Your life looks like what people want from him, but what you need?

When your life is free form think that what people think about me? Then you really know the means of growth.    

Know the value of other people,

If you want that people may respect you then you must give respect to other people, because, we human link with each other,

 If you have a good think about other people then other people have a good thing for you, all personal is most important on this earth,

If one of the creatures on earth is not present then earth may be disturb, think if a bee is not on earth then what happen, the small but very important living creature on earth,

personal growth meaning is the word that carries meaning with him. 

In bank one old man is work as a cashier, but in this bank have only one cashier account and many long lines at their place, so the manager of the bank decides that to rest this old man one another cashier account is open

So in three days another cashier the account is open, but most people are going to this old man to get her/him cash,

One day manager call one regular customer that why they going to this old man to take money, why don’t go at another account,

So this customer say that he is lucky for me any time, I don’t know what he does but one day I lost my 20000$ bag in somewhere and when I remember this so I shocked

And I fast going there where I think I lost my bag, and when I rich there one man holding my bag and when I give a confirmation that this is my bag then he gives it to me, I shocked what happens? but it’s true?   

And so many customers give like this an example that why they go this old man’s cash account so manager also spooked,  

And then he calls this old man and asks what did you do when you give money to the customer? He says whenever I give to my customer then I pray to god that god make him safe, three-time, I fill satisfaction to do this,

Now the manager understands all this story, so if you think good for someone god or some energy think for you.    

What is the nature of personal growth?

Nature of personal growth is always learning from your life, you have not to bed think about any living creature,

You have satisfied with yourself, think that what really I want? Find the answer to life? It is the true meaning of nature of personal growth,

But today we stuck on I need more money anyhow? For money human do so much bed think that we know,

We are going to kill our earth, help to another is personal growth meaning

How to improve personal growth in life?

You improving you growth by your intelligence, follow this entire thing and you may be improving your personal growth in life and also understand what is the meaning of life growth?
Change the meaning of life!!!
It is the true personal growth meaning……….

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Saturday, July 20, 2019

1:10 PM

what is the real meaning of success in life?

what is the real meaning of success in life? 

     Success this the term that every person need, but they can’t know about the real meaning of success, what is success? Money, happiness, peace, what is its real meaning of success?  
real success meaning, real meaning of success, real meaning for success, real meaning of success in life real meaning of success quotes, real prospect of success meaning, real success in life meaning
real meaning of success

     it give a mantel and physical level peace, when you meets success your fell life free man in the world, this experience is only fallible not tell-able to another, 

so real meaning of success is that when you do those things that you really you do, and you think in your life for a many time that i want to so this, and when you get those things, you fill some experience, hahahahaha oh my god it make me happy only whine i think.... this is the most, most, most, most, most.......... valuable things that has a no value, if you understand this you know about the success. 
real success meaning, real meaning of success, real meaning for success, real meaning of success in life real meaning of success quotes, real prospect of success meaning, real success in life meaning

example of success meaning
In the student life most important is that to study well and clear exam and understand the study, so he/she can live the life very easily,
If any student is just reading and memories all the book but not understand, he clear the exam but what is the benefit of this
While another student is not just read but understand all the studying, he also clear the exam so
According to you which student is most success in his carrier????
This is the meaning of success
That whatever you do in your life you should know that what you do and understand very well,
Every person need the success so something is in the success that so make him special.
What is special in the success?
Why if success people is happy in your life?
Why they are most peaceful people in the world?
Why every human needs the success?
You think that you are alone at one beach where nobody on there, you seating in front of the sea and your mind is very peaceful at that time, at that time if you are think about your problem so that is meaning you need some more in your life, but if you just see the sea and enjoy it so you are success,
Success is the darkest side of darkness
It the one star who want to shine but he thinks about the feature
Long time ago in to the forest one line is stay, every day when he fill hunger he make Thunder, to lesion this Thunder every animal understand that if he not go in safe so he died by lion, and this make him a king of forest, same way our work is like that so everybody understand that what we do,

In one post I don’t remember which it is that iPhone care his customer so he think all the kind of problem which we have and so he invite the world best phone, and respect is spree form heart, if our work is like as we think about the world, so world can think about you,
Who we are?
Where are we from?
How we live?
What we needs?
What is the real meaning of success?
Many question that make your mind un thinkable, your mind is think as we want?
So if when our mind think as we want form it is the best success, our mind is full of think, every human mind think over more than 6000 think in a day, we can’t stop this thinking process but we give him direction, our mind power is un believable, some time when we think about our mother or some most loving person at that time we got call form him, its happen sometime,  what happen actual we all contact with each other some un known power, if you think bed for someone so this bed think or some bed think is happen with him, so it the our mind,

                We are human why we don’t understand, what actual we need?  If you think good for someone so good think is happen in your life it is call the law of thing,  as you think you will as it is act in you life,
One time one reach man see the baggers that he eat bread, but when ever he eat the bread he first touch this peace of bread in his hand, so this man give him some money and ask why you eat bread like this? He reply that I can eat this only brad so I assume that salt in my hands pam and I eat both bread and salt, so what is this manning? If he think so he can assume any think like butter, milk, tea, etc…….. but he think is just salt.
So first if our think is bigger so this make us success, you read many story of success but in all of them what is same? Just think about it?
Now if we talk about the success so real meaning of success is your life is in your control, 

Friday, July 12, 2019

12:44 PM

five Rules of life to archive success of mind, reality level

(1)The first rule is that no rules of success.
(2)Another rule of success is to learn from another.
(3) Third Rules: Avoid the distraction
(4) Rules of success: What is the limitation of the human body?
(5) Best rules of success Your thinking

two rules of success in life, rules of success quotes, rules of success book, rules of success in hindi, golden rules for success in life, rules for success in school, rules for success in business, personal rules for success

rules of success: In 21-century success is very hard to get. In this session, we talk about the rules of success

Every human needs a success……

But how many people got it???

1000 out of a minimum of 10% gets his/her success. So what is the basic formula to get success?????    

Success rule! 

(1)The first rule is that no rules of success.

Many conditions applying on this rule you create your own rule then you get the success. Not follow the people but follow your heart.  

But I say that if you are going some were and you forgot the right way. 

 So what did you do?

 You were asking someone for the right way! Or just going on yourself on any other way? 

In which condition will you reach your detestation as fast as possible? 

You know?

It is true that you are right but if some people already reach that point that you want to rich. So it is necessary to know to form him that what mistake he made. It saves you time and effort. and you get success 

(2)Another rule of success is to learn from another.

 Because if any other requires 5 year for success but some failure face to him. But if he shares his think about his failure and you learn from it and you are a success may be in 4 years. So the first thing is that you learn from you and another failure. 

You hear that learn form you failure,  

But how?????

When you fail to achieve your goal. Something inside you says that I am failing. But your good thought of mind or anything inside you says you can do that. Or you need some motivational to back in your goal. 

What are you doing when your mobile is hanging? Reset it !!!!!!

When you are failing at that time your mind is hanging. So you need to reset your mind or format your mind.

But the question is how? 

What happens when your mind thinking so much at the time you fill confuse. So first get peace of mind. Go to some activity that all your thought die. Fell free.

But the thing is that how you reset your mind? I don’t know pl read

So another thing is that they learn from failure. 


When you pick your goal many people are stuck to west time. He wants to do the work who can give him success. But while doing work he has many things that to distract him from his goal. On the inner side, he did his best but some force or negative energy inside him stops him.

What we do in this particular phenomenon? Just ask yourself I can do this. Whenever you are in the wrong direction ask yourself what your goal?

Don’t west time. So do anything but never stop without work.

Always do the practice of your work that you want to do or According to your goal. Practice makes you perfect. Never stop to learn. If you think you get all the knowledge about your work thane finds a unique thing about work.

Say that one man gets all knowledge about the music than he finds new instruments new music. Think yourself that you have to play music in 5 months of learning and you play music 5 years of music. What is the difference between them? You know….

(3) Third Rules: Avoid the distraction

                Most of the people start action to get his success first they going well. After some time they fill that he/her in another direction.
For example, one man set a goal to clear one exam and he starts doing to achieve his goal. Reading, and reading but after some days he did some other activity. Which not consent with his goal. 
So he fills guilty inside him.
What to do in this satiation?
You need to succeed and you know that how can we get it? So it is most important that how you know you’re self
Something inside you always stops or obstructs you to do not do your work. But you can’t stop your self to do things like you really do not wants to do. Just like you know that you can clear this exam only when I read, or I dance only when I practiced well.
Who stop you? Its call obstructs of life.
 How to stop it? A simple thing is to stop this obstructs is that whatever you do just ask the question to your work.      
If your goal is to clear the exam then you start to read but after some time you see the mobile or any other activity that’s you do not want to do. At that time just ask yourself that work is important to archive your goal??
Keep saying to your mind that this is my goal and I do anything to archive my goal. To do this your mindset or find a way to do work that really you want.
   So always say I can do this.

(4) Rules of success: What is the limitation of the human body?

                One man says that I run 5 km in 50 minutes. When he starts running his mindset that I run 5 km in 50 minutes.  He did not try to complete in less than 50 minutes.
But what happens if he tries to complete 5 km in 41 minutes????
He pushes his limit and he gets confident that I can do this. He is trying to complete his race shorter and shorter times. It just an example but the truth is that the human body has no limitation. On the mind level, your mind is increased confidence and at one stage you solve every hard problem in your life.     
Our mind works like that. What is the child does he does everything that he wants to think if he does not try to walk, not try to speak? When you say I do any things your mind working on this. Keep trying and trying. You archive your goal at one stage as your effort on it.

(5) Best rules of success Your thinking

                 You listen to this story???
One experiment has been done on the two men. By closing their eyes and one of them said that they would be bitten to poison the snake, and others were told that they would have a bite to mice. Both of them were asked to stand upright. Man who tell that bite by a snake he bite by a mice and who tells that bite by a mice that bite by a snake
 One of them should have been alive and another out of them being being dead as soon as possible.
But both of them died. One died from a poison of a snake, but the body of another only created a poison due to fear that it had a bite by a snake.

So as you think your body reacts as it is. If you think that you are the loser then you not done anything in your life.
 And if you think I can do anything in my life, I can solve any biggest problem in my life he lives is like that.
So think always that I can do this. I can solve any problem
You are the greatest persona in the world ever born.
These 5 rules of success are played an important role in our lives. not just read follow it these rules of success is give satisfaction in your life.  

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

10:39 AM

motivational : If you fill that you are looser then read this motivational sentence...

motivational If you fill that you are looser then read this motivational sentence...

111 motivational status

whatusapp status , good morning motivational sms in english
good morning status
start your with some motivational sentence here 111 motivational good morning status  for you
  1.         Your life problem is not bigger then you
  2.         Only you can help yourself, no one help you in the world
  3.         Our home is entire earth not only our house  
  4.      What is limit of your-self?
  5.         Wave is made from the water, all human are made from earth
  6.         Life is just game in which you win or lose, what ever you want 
  7.         Question yourself ,what is your actual need?
  8.        You heart other people, but other people are not different form you, we all made from same material.
  9.         Morning starts with sun, life start with fun
  10.         Your best teacher in the world is your self

  11.         Things are not bed but we make them bed of good
  12.         Massage is just massage god, of bed
  13.         Find your capability, because on one can bit you if you know you yourself
  14.          Work with happy not work for happy
  15.         By knowing another people you know about him, but by knowing yourself you know all living things on to the earth.
  16.         Learn from every things,
  17.         Prayer for your enemy and fill the energy of god
  18.        What is the Rison of your un-happiness      
  19.   Why you do all the things that you do not want to do? who drive you to do this work
  20.         You are the driver of your life not a people
  21.         I can do all the things which I want

Monday, June 24, 2019

3:35 PM

Theory of happiness: what we actual need?, happiness of mind enjoy life status

Theory of happiness

    1.     What we actually need?
    2.     Happiness of our mind
    3.     Experience of happiness
    4.     Enjoy life status
    5.     Example of enjoying life status

       1.     What we actually need?

     Now a day this is a common problem of all human beings. The problem is that people have a good house, a very good family and no worry about money. But what actually he wants to form this? People work for all this for what?
What he needs? Happiness or relax or what?
We are going to pubs and someplace there that give us a quick relax. And after going out of this place the problem is the same as it is.
But if I am saying that you do not have to go anywhere for a refresh. It’s always inside you just the eye to see that     

         which things make you happy
          1.    Very good house, 2.Big car, 3. Good job, 4.The family, 5.The people, 6. Money Or
         8. Our mind???  

Silhouette Photography of Group of People Jumping during Golden , happiness molecule, what happens in your brain when you're happy, what creates happiness, brain science of happiness, happiness hormone, the science of happiness, dopamine, serotoninTime
happiness of mind

           2.     Happiness of our mind

How we always are happy in our lives?  
Remember only you can make yourself happy.
But, how we make ourselves to be always happy?
What is the difference between common and intelligent people?
Just think about it.
Intelligent people enjoy every movement of life and whatever he doing in his life is his choice. Not to another!!!
And common people have stuck something like I need instants money, get success without hard work. Think always feature or past bed things and left the present movement and which is the base of failure,
And asking himself
How was a feature, how was the past?

       3.     Experience of happiness

Relax mind
        When you are in tension at that time just go to some open –place where you see the open air, land and no annoying noise feel the breath stop you all thing in your mind. Try to a rich thoughtless state of your mind.
And think that what are my actual needs?

And say to yourself that “This problem (or any situation) is not bigger than me I can solve it I have unlimited power no one can stop me to solve that problem” do that in your comfort place that you feel free.
Man Sitting on Cliff, happiness molecule, what happens in your brain when you're happy, what creates happiness, brain science of happiness, happiness hormone, the science of happiness, dopamine, serotonin
enjoy life status

Do this at list 1 week and see the result but you always say to yourself that I sole that or I can do that. Now it’s the first step of happiness that need some direction to your self because only you have the power. The power is unlimited of your brain

  Without the direction, your life is just like pull your BMW car with the horse. Evan you drive your BMW yourself but some body fitted our mind that BMW pull with a horse

 It is foolish things but we do always do this even we have the power to solve any the problem we say that I can do this

“Remember always that any biggest problem in your life is not bigger than you “

 What is the next step to always happy in your life? 

4.     Enjoy life status

Welcome to the Theory of happiness part [2]

Hi all my friends how are you?

Fine? ………..

In this session we talk about thinking. Sometimes when we are thinking about one thing but after some time we are very far our basic topic and west our time and fell the guilty in our body that west the time.

How can we stop it?

How it possible to convert it in our favorable condition?    

First talk about thinking.
Thinking is the sign of our healthy brain. So always it is very helpful to us. But in some condition, it beds for us like……

      Some people work for money and think only that money I expend this and this place etc…. but not think about the work.

5.     Example of enjoying life status

Give your opinion in this condition

One student(1) who read for the exam. He daily read about 8 to 10 hours. Repeat and repeat. But when he read just think about the result that the top 1 in the exam after that what happens my impress his friends etc…..  He stops him from any entertainment in his life. Just only read.

While another student(2) who read for the exam.  He is only read 2 to 3 hours but when he read only think about reading and when he plays only think about play. Every movement in his life he enjoys it.

        So think that who is good in his life 1 or 2

One an employee who thinks about how to use his salary? While he works I buy this so and so. I go there and there. Enjoy there, going to the pubs, etc….

 While another employee enjoy doing his work. He had done his work joyfully. After go outside he enjoy every movement.

It makes happy to just think only that enjoy every movement

        So who is good?

We always think about the result and this is the basic reason that his/her not enjoy his/her life.   

So what we do?

Ok now, what to do make our life happy?

Just ask a question to him?

Close your eyes and ask a question to him that that work make me happy?

I do this work forcefully?

If the answer is yes than no problem. It’s End. But what when answer is no

  Ask another question to him what is that make me happy in my life? And the answer will come trust guise really answer will come in your heart. And your mind thankless and it make you satisfy.

        Now come to the point think. It just likes around when you are away from the center of the round you can’t see the whole round and you travel whit round but what happens when you are in the center of the round. You see how it travels.

        Our whole think prose is best on this theory. Round theory of thinking.

 Give example.

        One employee who best in his work but he think that what if this work is not properly done by me. Not focus on this think and his work goes to spoil so he is travel with round. And his mind give a thousand reasons that how to not do this work.

        But immediately he asks a question to him that why I cannot do this work and his  mind give thousand reason that how to done this work.

        Try yourself that……

Our mind is just an instrument like mobile or computer. What happens when more application is open in our mobile or computer?

Hang …….

So what we do just reset it….

Our the mind is the same as that if we are in a problem we don’t think about that from where it’s come?

How to solve it?

We just do some imitate action to forget it. But in actual it’s not closed it will open when ours this movement is end.

I thank to Sandeep sir for that. With my heart, after I understand all this with myself I write that.
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So first ask about the question of why? When? Where? So your mind works on this topic and resolves it and after complete, this application closed.

And if much thinking is in your mind than go to reset.  How we reset your mind?

Go to open place like you see the sky or some naturel place. When you see it your mind is in the thankless state. Now after that any application open your mind see it think on it and close it.

Your instrument(mind) increases his speed and make you happy with your heart. Now you enjoy the life…..

“Enjoy life status

Always remember that your thinking can’t hearts in your real life we just fear about that “    just think about it

Sorry for some grammatical mistakes. I hope it help-full to reset your mind.

We all leaving creature are attach with each other… we are not different but we all are one human and any living creature.