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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

11:18 PM

Xwlline movies story: another planet in space

Xwlline movies story: another planet in space

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Xwlline movies story

Welcome to the xwlline the cell of trust. We bring a Xwlline movies story: story another planet in space, this story about one planet setan, which starts to find life in space with his space ship zomex , they find life in another planet, they stay for a years and teach  them (another planet life) how to live? But after ………
In the story………..
Setan the planet of gormax galaxy of nobers solar system, nobers is the star that have a more then 30 planet in it. And its habitable zone carries 5 planets. Out of this 5 planet only setan has life, and life came on it around 50000 million year ago. Revaluation on this planet and today they are most intelligence creature in his solar system. Habitable zone is this zone of solar system that life will occurs. For example in our solar system only earth planet is in the habitable zone so not much heat not much cold. And life can easily live on it.  
                They past 100 year to find life in space, but they can’t find the life in another planet because of they have not sufficient technology to travel fast in space. They are rich only 8 light years in his all this periods.  They try to grow life in his neighbor planet. And now they are going to success his colony in two planets. They make teleport technology to going one planet to another planet. Its simple work at the frequency match of tow hydrogen fusion,
Setan has on small beautiful planet that has more than 800 spices. And only one star its call nobers. It is 500 time big form our sun.  

Aerial Photo of Mountains,another planet in space, planet in space pictures, how to get to another planet in kerbal space program, planet in space band, planet in space blueprint, planet in space drawings, planet in space gif
another planet in space
                They prepare one space ship zomex which have a look like small planet in this ship automate regenerated energy rector which works on zuber fluxa nuclear technology. It produces energy in the form of light rays. Like his sun, and it is radiate energy of 3.49 kilo joule in just 1 second. This ship zomex act like small one star and one planet solar system, star is center the zomex and around it all this ship is built so whole energy is consume by this ship.
                After ready this ship 100 people of setan are going in to this space to find the life in space. They are no need of any another sources of energy, because they carry his energy sources with him. This ship is travel around to the light speed. And one technology its call teleport they also use to teleport around the distance of 5 light year in just 5 minute. 
                They are go ahead and ahead into the space to find the life in space. After 5 year traveling they find on planet which have a may be life. They lend on this planet by just disappear his ship in its environment, when they enter its environment they see plants, its leaf color is light blue. They lend on this planet. First they scan this planet by small scan mini torn.
                All 100 people are waiting for the scan result what is in this planet?  They lends on black shad yellow lend. All are shock to see this type of lend. When they test this lend it has a life on it but at that time not any result came out that people of zomex ship is can live on this planet or not.   
Now scan result is come of mini torn.  There are life on this planet but not fully developed. Now they are trying to match the people of dorables. Yes new planet name is dorables. Its take 10 year to know about, how this planet people are live? How they survive on his planet? What they eat? Etc…..
After 10 year setans people are full match with the dorables people, now they teach the dorables people new technology, all the universes size, where are they from, but at one time this planet of dorasblesers fills a sun dead effect, in this effect sun rays is stop by cloud of black drown so this happen every 25 year so every 25 year only people live who can rich the highest mountain of the planet. So every 25 year life on this planet is dead and after this cycle that live they are 10% of this planet, only some creature fill this effect so when setan know about this they test those creature who cannot live on this condition  of this planet.
They found some interesting about it that this creature is not basically dorables planet. DNA is not match with another living creature. So they can not fit with this cycle and them dying ever cycle but every cycle they get more and more strong. So they can live on this planet.
But at that time the energy sources is available so they can live all on this cycle. satan people build a big structure on this planet, and teach dorables intelligent living creature, technology, living life, in the form of structure and writing, so whenever they come on this planet so he remember that they visit this planet. And also put some long range sensors that can message about that planet how it happens on this on it.
Now 88 year was passed, now zomex people remember his own planet, home everything, they also make physical relation with dorables planet people. Now 123 people are live on the ship zomax space ship and another on dorables planet.
They make some building on this planet and live some marks to that where they live? And what they do? Because after all they are the living creature so they are dying at one stage so if any of them come on the planet in feature so he realizes that his old creature did this all technology. Now the setan people preparing to return their journey back to his planet.
But at that time dorables planet people learn all technology which zomex ship have. They check all his marks, and then living to the dorables planet. When they goes into the space they on his central core energy sources and journey back to his home planet.
Dorable people make all place where the zomex people live holy and build a statue so they remembers that all this technology learn form who?? But it not sufficient technology that can stops any major environment diesis.    

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

11:28 AM

si-fi story caption

si-fi story caption

caption,caption marvel, space story, Hindi story

आज भी एक ओर आवकाश यान खोज ने निकला हे एक एसा ग्रह कि जो हमारी धरती (प्रुथ्वी) का स्थान ले सके। हमने विज्ञान मे बहुत प्रगती कर लि पर हम आपनी धरती को बचा नही सके। इस टेक्नोलोजी की रेस मे हमे पता ही नही चला की कब धरती जो हे वो एक गर्म होती गई ओर जब पता लगा तो बहुत देर होगइ थी। हमेने अपनी सुविधा के लीये मशीनो का आविस्कार किया पर आज के जामाने मे अब हर तरफ बस मशीनो का राज देखने को मीलता हे।  

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

9:19 AM

Brix-yan: Travel faster than the speed of light.

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Checking all the thrusters, now you are going to be separated from the Maddox space shuttle. You have to check all the systems. Tie your seat belt. At the same time, \

check out your FUEL. After doing all this, the operator from the earth said that now you are completely separated from the Maddox-Yan. Now you start your engine and check all the systems and tell us all is okay.

 Well, one thing you know is that if all the thrusts of your small brix-yan are starts, then it will travel faster than the speed of light.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

12:52 PM

science fiction story: scientist find the life

science fiction story: scientist find the life 

Switched Beige Table Lamp, other planet like earth, story
science fiction story: scientist find the life
Science fiction story: scientist find the life is about to how scientist find the life on other planet. They go there but when they rich there........

Yes, my message came back today. The same thing was said again and again, scientists were dancing to the whole lab. There was no limit to his happiness. Their 35-year hard work today brought color. 35 years ago his dream of finding a new life in the universes became true today. For many years, he sent messages from AVATRA bikan technology in space. This was an innovative technique in which a message was written on a light particle and sent to reciprocity.

     Today, in the year 2089, this experiment was successful. Now the earth had lost its reputation as the only living planet. Now on this planet Earth has received an invitation to go to this new planet Novak. 

    Today we had a lot of new technologies on our planet Earth. Flying cars, automatic machinery, today all the people of the earth were united. At first, there were no such countries. At the end of the Third War, we now understood that all the creatures are one, so together they were now improving their mistakes.
science fiction story, life on other planet.

    The earth was badly damaged by older people of earth. The punishment of this day was that every man of this earth was suffering. 

In past human innovate in nuclear science. But this race takes very big status that who is the best in the earth. Out of them some scientist innovate the vular scare technology. In this technology nuclear particle collapse with each other and a large amount of energy is generated due to two molecule collisions. Now there was a new technology to store the energy today. In this race of energy, all countries generate  so much energy that the same explosion will cause all the atoms of the nuclear power to start and destroy the earth.   

And one day it is such that when this phenomenon happens. All atoms got together and earth is destroyed. These human beings, created weapons and these weapons destroy them. About 70% of the land is destroyed. Radiation is spread in the atmosphere. There is no space left on this earth or where there is no radiation.

But they had now understood the survivors, that if we did not live together, we would destroy ourselves.

All the people went to know about this. So no country was in the year 2089. The whole earth was just a kingdom. All the other people live together.
  Now they start preparing to go to the Novak Planet. Where signs of life were met. This planet was far from 100 light years away from Earth. But now the earth had such a technology that distance can complete in just 5 day.
Novak planet sent another message that please sent vehicle. Our planet is dead in just 2 months. To read this message people on earth want to know that what happen to planet novak ? Why it destroy in 2 months?
  And most important question that how was this living creature? They are friendly or want to haram the earth?
Only one answer that earth sent the one spaceship to novak planet and know this information.
So earth scientist prepare one war ship if the living creature of novak is friendly then this ship can rescue them. And if they want to some unwanted sustains which harms to earth then this ship destroy the novak planet.
With all this preparation earth sent his best ship and best caption traveling to planet novak . This team can travel in space about to 2 year. They visit more than 800 planet. But no find the life in any planet.    
So scientists start to send messages from AVATRA bikan technology in to the space. After long time he get the success and they find the life.
Ship start the ignition, all men on this ship has two options one is that to save the planet and another is if you find any unwanted object just destroy it. The start his journey to planet in which they find life. They need only 5 hours to rich there. After journey start this ship open one portal and go into it.
          Ship rich the planet first this ship start to get round and take the overview about the planet then scan the Atmosphere they shocked because in this planet atmosphere is very pollute. They try to connect this planet people which sent the message. They give the address where they stay. This ship rich this place but at that planet hit is very high about to 670. They people DNA is match to human DNA with Slight different.
Free stock photo of brown, close-up, colors, daylight,planet image
scientist find the life
Earth people rich this place and what he show about to 200 people stay there caption try to communicate him. Leader of novekers has known earth Language he tell the story how they destroy his planet.
He says that in past ours planet is one of the beautiful planet in our solar system, like your earth. We have life on our planet and forth planet dokeyv. When we know first about him we think that they are our enemy’s, so we make war with him. After we blast one our plasma rays on this planet this planet is totally destroy and we apprehend rest of him.

But when we know that they are not our enemy but they are our older people which go to this planet and stay there. We destroy our people. Then due to our shoot the plasma rays our environmental damage and suddenly our atmosphere raise tempters at one point of our planet and that place start melting. Just imagine that planet start melting. If one point of planet is melting then it at that point gives a birth to black hole and black hole eats our planet in just a second.
          We do our best try to stops this. Our scientist made dark jarks to cover this hole and save our planet. We put on it. But we late heavy gases are spared on our planet and make our pressure unstable. Heavy gases go to ground level due to its gravity.
          It’s make our lots of living creature to die. We live but not much time. The shield of jarks needs power. To generate the power sources need effort but we can’t go out from here.
To listing this our caption say to his all member and cheek all the system of this planet and call all the member to give his report. All report is clear but one of them say that the metal on this planet is very strong and light it is very use full in earth. We use it to make our space ship light and faster and stronger.
Green Succulent Plants Planted in Garden, plant
continue …………………………