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Friday, August 9, 2019

12:13 AM

Strange universe facts | universe facts and god 1

  • Strange universe facts
  • 14facets about the universe
  • Sad facts about the universe
  • Facts about the size of the universe 

Strange universe facts

The universe is made of three matter and it is mystery itself, did you know which are three matters is? Do you want to know strange universe facts?

As I understand three particles are always present in any object which you know? And these three particles are “P E N“ proton-electron- neutron,

Every object we see in on earth is made by these three magical particles, and every big object in our solar system like the sun is making of hydrogen and hilum,

Strange universe facts, 14facets about the universe, Sad facts about the universe, Facts about the size of the universe, Amazing facts about the universe and god
Strange universe facts

And the hydrogen and hilum are made of? Proton, neutron, and electron, this theory is called three law of object by xwlline,

And the hydrogen and hilum are made of? Proton, neutron, and electron, this theory is called three law of object by xwlline, these three laws have applied any object in the universe.

You found these three basic particles in every matter, it is most strange universe facts, another fact is one question that these three particles are made from?

We don’t know at that truth, some scientist say that it is made from plasma particle, but at that time we have not full information about this plasma particle, it is mystery itself,
The diameter of the universe:

How this universe is big? This is the most unknown question because we do not predict the diameter of space, longest we see millions of light year at night in space,

This universe is full of mystery

The biggest mystery is the existence of god,
What is the time?
How many planets have a life?
How big it is?  
It is a long list about it and if I write it no word forspeaks…

14facets about the universe:

Some facts you should know about the universe, 14facets about the universe
We see a sun, in yellow color ray, but you know what color of the sun is really? The answer is that at dark night you see the star in color of ………?

Yes white actual color is white it is one of the facts out of 14facets about the universe
All-stars has white color, because they are energy source and it emits the energy, naturally, one of the Rison,   

What if your age is 10000 years?

Oh, it’s possible!!!!! Yes it is possible if you have your own black hole, we think the time is everything, but time is nothing, at near the black hole time is slow down,

If you passed 1 minute near the black the hole then in the earth it’s maybe 1 year, 1 hundred years, 1 thousand years, 1 thousand hundred years, 1 thousand million’s years…….

It is another think of 14facets about the universe

Time is afraid of only gravity, if gravity is higher than time is bending, according to him, so find the black hole and book your home as nearest as him and your age is longer then you imagine,
You heart about tow star solar system? It is a solar system with tow star, sometime this star is a collision with each other. Then at that place birth big black hole,

Point load 1 point = 100000000 k n
In-universe so many wonder object that we never think about, one small drop of water size has 1tone weight, yes! It is the most amazing thing in 14facets about the universe

Weight is = density and density is = molecule arrangement as near as possible, in some material, has high density in the small area so actually the only small size of an object like a stone,

You can’t lift because it has weight in millions of kg, and it is strange universe facts

You know what is gravity? Every object in-universe attract another object this call gravity if gravity is stronger then time it must slow for the this are, as stronger gravity its danger

All object are made of three small particles, and this small particle is made from Quark particle and this quark particle is made from 2 types of quark, one is positive quark and another is negative quark,

Positive quark has the power to build the new object they just control the energy of a small particle and make it for some creation, while we talk about the negative quark,

It has the power to destroy every object, it converts big size energy in to small size, even light is also not pass thought him it attracts light, and convert it in to different materials.

It is also defined as positive quark has converted 10 m cube in to 1000 m cube so basically, it enlarge the area of object to handle energy, it is amazing strange universe facts

While negative quark is converting 10 m cube in to 0.1m cube, so big object convert in to small size so very high level the energy in a small area, it may any time blast in it. So it is very dangerous,

Strange universe facts, 14facets about the universe, Sad facts about the universe, Facts about the size of the universe, Amazing facts about the universe and god
Strange universe facts

Sad facts about the universe

Each thinks that born it necessary that it would die anyhow? Some body say that the universe is as it is it's never change, while some say it is only energy that never ends,

And some say that the universe is born with big-bang, and now its expanding and someday it may be dying,

In-universe millions of galaxy so it may happen that some galaxy even in our galaxy has more intelligence life than human, this is sad facts about the universe but true,

We don’t know how this intelligence creature is? God or bed if they found earth so what they can do if they are good, then no problem but if bad then?

When I think about these very sad facts about the universe I really scared,

  In universe so many asteroid in motion, small 1 kg stone has the power to destroy 100 km area if it is in very high-speed motion, think if one 100kg of the asteroid enter in the earth environment

Our earth is a blast like a football!!!

Our earth has a solid portion only 0.01% of its all portion, it like that we put hot tea in the atmosphere and after some time solid part on the top of this tea,

Our earth has a solid portion only this thickness; we know how it is strange? So it is sad facts about the universe for our earth.

We don’t know about correct birth history of the universe, if this universe is like a big cricket ground then our earth is like just thousand’s part bells of stumps,

And if the time of universe birth to this date as one year than human has passed only 5.3 minutes on earth, out of one year, only 5 minutes?????

Our galaxy has only a few years after past this year it will die, in feature 10000 thousand million years one another the galaxy will clash this our galaxy, and its ends,

Don’t wary you maybe not live for see it,

Sun is traveling around the galaxy center, one human has can travel only its 0.5%, during his entire life and it is very sad facts about the universe, and strange universe facts

Facts about the size of the universe

I ask a simple question about the size
What is your shirt size? You answer well very well? You got one big gift if you answer this another question,

What is the size of the universe? Excitedly the figure,  I am 100% sure that you lose you a gift so sorry, better luck next time,

  We have no idea about the size of the universe, but a small theory about it if like 5th the demotion of 1 m connect in 1st demotion, we think it is only 1 m but it is according to us that it is only 1 meter, but in actually don’t know its size,
We think it is simple to measure but not easy that we think, the same way this universe is also a big mystery of size,      

Amazing facts about the universe and god

In the universe, we see dark energy, Some the sound we always listen from this deep silent, no environment, no water, no everything, but it is clear and very pleasing

From people who go in to space that some sound in their space, what is this sound is? If God is everywhere then it must be in this sound because they convert himself in any matter,

It is not perfect able answer in this world,  

At last, I hope you enjoy Strange universe facts, 14facets about the universe, Sad facts about the universe, Facts about the size of the universe,
Amazing facts about the universe and god
Thank for reading,
must visit steetlom,

Thursday, August 1, 2019

11:17 PM

what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? 360 solution | by : xwlline

  • General information about water
  • Water pollution effects
  • Water pollution solution list
  • 360 solutions for water

what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions,General information about water, Water pollution effects, The solution for water pollution, Water pollution solution list, Water pollution control, 360 solution
what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions

General information about water

Two and one combination key of life for all living creature,
Without this key, we can’t pass one day on earth and it is………..???? Water!!! can we understand what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions?
            In industry, in-home, in farming, etc…., it is required in every field. Not water but clean water, because 71% of areas of the earth are cover with water
Out of this 71% of water only 2.5% of freshwater is available on earth, and in 21 century out of this 2.5% of water only 1.4% water is clean water, another is affected by pollution.
            And out of 1.4% of clean water 1.2% is at in the form of ice, so you calculate how much clean water is available? Today’s world 68% of people use RO-system for cleaning water,

How we pollute water?

Only human is polluting while they knowing that water is most important, we pollute water by:
   Adding west, industry add  dirty water in river or land, oil refinery, in a farm, last but not list is plastic, into the deep water of ocean one big layer of plastic
Every day when we birth, some amount of carbon dioxide is adding in the atmosphere and this list does not end, every day it is always increasing
Now understand its effect

Oil spilling

            The oil company was transporting his oil by ocean way, but some time due to storm in the ocean this oil is spread on seawater and due to this oil on the water oxygen not dissolve in water, so it affect the health of water ecosystem.   

 Water pollution effects,

Water is the object that major found on earth, but human don’t know the value of water because a human has one major capability that when they lost something important at that time he understands the value of this object, and it’s a talk about the water so first what is in the water???
We say water!!! Hahaha
Then, life| you know first life on earth is in the water, water pollution is the effect on the ecosystem in water.  

Effect on Human health

Human health is most = water,
Because water is the key to human health you read many articles that how water affects the human health, but you know that pollute water does not only effect the human health but it also affects the feature of the earth?
            You say how? And ans. Is that in the world how many money is an expense for clean water? Thousand and millions of dollars are an expense on clean water, think if this money is used in another area then, it may be really good for this.   
Living creature death in case of heavy water pollution, due to the low oxygen level in the water, in water pollution it is necessary to know that what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? 

Effect on the aquatic ecosystem:

As human lives on-lend, what is the basic needs of human, environment, space, and a huge list of human needs, the same way some life live under the water they want some basic need, what is the basic need of aquatic ecosystem?
Only water, freshwater, due to water pollution they do not get fresh water so many times you listen about so many fish is dead due to this Rison,
Water pollution effect on the aquatic ecosystem,
            Life is not only on earth but also in the water, and
Effect on Human and animal
Both creatures depend on the water, and list of the effect of water pollution is following
Due to decreases the water health
Water creature life is decreases
Due to pollute water life in water is polluted   
The purity of seafood is decreases
Purity of lend is decreases  
And most world population depends upon water life
Human health is decreases
The average life of a human is decreases
The effort is decreased where human work?
Earth life is decreases
End the life on earth!!!!
Oh my god does water pollution makes earth died?

Water pollution solution list

Purify water make health earth, and healthy earth is the basic need of human and all living creature on earth, it the so many big lists of water pollution solution,
Not pollute the lend, because 40% of water pollution is due to polluting lend
Use digest row martial, which easily dissolve in the earth,
Clean your mind, because 80% of pollution happens due to one thing that these people is doing so why I stop? If you stop then someday maybe happen he will stop,
When you clean your browser history than the time you necessary say in your mind clean water save feature, I am the hero
You say what is that because it is true that if I make water pollution today so my coming generation is necessary to clean the water, at that time he thinks that my old generation does this and also some innocent word also says, because if your life is in danger due to your home member so what did you do?

360 solutions for water       

  Now you say what are 360 solutions?
Think that you have a 100 $ every day so where did you want to expense? Well, I expense this money to make my life better, but what happen if daily I expense 40$ for water. So it is necessary that every day my 40$ is fixed on water and I have only 60 $ to use in my way,
If I have clean water so I can use all this 100 $ and its like 360 solutions, to make this 360 solution you do some work that whenever you see dirty water around you, then it’s necessary that you make something to clean this, or if possible of on-time action so do it,
Forgot the all think because of that our feature generation depends upon the water, and if they did not get purify water so out of there 100% effort on the technology they give 30% effort on to clean the water. And its stop there growth, not think about yourself but think about a feature, because in feature hero is that person who has to do some work to purify the water.    
and now you understand what is water pollution and its causes effects and solutions? and most what is 360 solution? 

Tuesday, July 30, 2019

11:52 PM

Deep space sound |what does it sound like in space?:by xwlline

Deep space sound |what does it sound like in space?:by xwlline

Sound of space!!!What does it sound like in space? What is deep space of sound?  Deep sound of space

Space sound music
Nasa space sound download
Space sounds mp3
Deep space sound

What does it sound like in space,Space sound music, Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound, eath sound form space, spooky space sounds, what dose space feel like, what does space look like,
what does it sound like in space

Universe or universes we don’t know that it is only one universe or more, and and we don't know how it is big? As we see in the space with the help of technology we are smaller and smaller in this universe. And the most amazing thing is………..
Our foot is rich just on the moon only, but with our eyes, we rich millions of light-years away, by the way, we talk about sound in space,

Sound in space!!!!! ???? What does it sound like in space? The sound which is flow continues in all black space, I don’t know what it is but truth is that it is always present in space.

You fill when you close yours is a very silent place like temple or garden or monument or jungle or in the sea. When you close your eyes and close all think at that time you listen a sound I can’t describe just you fill, that some sound is playing in your ears, continues and without any distribution,
It’s like neutral not give happiness and not sadness, just satisfaction that not describes able,

Space sound music

Many pieces of music you listen in day to day life, this music makes you happy, sad, fresh, fill, joy, motivate, etc…………
You are the person that can do anything,
Only you can bite yourself,
You are free to form everything,
Don’t wait for luck maybe luck wait for you,
Keep going in your life,  

After reading this what you fill? what does it sound like in space? Just think that you do something, yes I can do this,

When big ban blast is happening at that time in space non-ending sound is sprayed everywhere, no any obstructions in space so this music does not end, on earth when you listen to some sound or music it is dying at some distance because of air friction, and if sound not affected by this air friction it maybe it also non-ending.
What is music? It just argument of sound which pleasant for our ear, and it gives some good effect on human, but when you see our history some Vedic mantras has a power that it births a fire by just saying this mantra. This mantra is just an arrangement of sound. And their effects the energy in the atmosphere so atom in the atmosphere are fill high vibration and its make fire,
In space sound music plane sound that make fill pleasant effect on human, it filling like that your all dream come true, your rich all you achievement that you want to rich, and you have no tension of your life, no tension of money, no tension of what happens tomorrow, how you fill when you get all this in your life.
When you seeing in the sky in the dark night, it looks like a dark, but actually, it is dark?
 For example :
One car is travel on the rod at the speed of 80 km/hr. you can see this car, but what happens if this car is travel round and round at the speed of 300000 km/hr you cannot see this car but the car is present there, the same way when you see in dark space we see darkness but actually so many lights rays are there in that dark space. But we can’t see because our eyes can’t see this light because of some limitations of our eyes,
But when we talk about space sound music, it’s true that sound is needed medium but this space sound music does not need any medium when you close your eyes and clean your mind at the state of peace you listen to the music of space, you fill like most pleasant experience ever. When you listen this sound you mind at the state peace. With the help of a peaceful mind in our history, many humans did some magical things.
What does it sound like in space,Space sound music, Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound, eath sound form space, spooky space sounds, what dose space feel like, what does space look like,
what does it sound like in space

Nasa space sound download
What does it sound like in space? Can we listen to the space sound?
 After we rich in space and many astronauts fill that some sound they listen so they record some music on an electromagnetic instrument and this sound is release by NASA when you listen this please shear this in your friend and family.  
You can download the space sound in many sites, Nasa is the best site for this, deep sound, in space no vacuum so the sound is in the form of some electromagnetic effect but when you transfer in human listenable sound so it is very much pleasant sound which you ever listen. Just search online this NASA space sound download,
          On youtube also some music is available,

Space sounds mp3

Mp3 file also available on many web sites, you if you can’t find what does it sound like in space?
 If you want to fill this sound of space you need some condition,
first alone
 nobody is there around you, or it’s a place that you fill secure. You find the place there when you set at that place so your mind or your heart is no fear just peace, peace of mind,

Then the thoughtless mind, it's necessary that your mind has no thought, after you get this tow thing then you close your eyes you and listen sound that come inside form your body. That’s Sound of silence, its call that silence that has some sound, in this silence you listen some sound in that come from your mind and listen to you, and this makes a pleasant effect on your body, you fill the sound of space live. By listening that you understand what does it sound like in space?

Deep space sound

Last time what is the time when you see in the sky, in dark night?
Can you remember when you see in the sky last time?
After reading this you see in sky but in a different way, in silence, you sleep under this dark sky, stop your thinking,
Now you just irritate with this stop thinking word, but it is the key to listen to the sound of space, your mind is just like mobile, when so many applications are run at one's time it is hung, its need restarts, same way our mind need a restarts when our mind says that I am so tired, I can’t do this, but think that human mind is never tired, it is our thought that stop human actual power, in another way when you fill that you can do some worm at that time you push, you forgot that this your car and you know driving, but what did you do, you push this car,
And what work is done by you to this car? Must drive this car, so question is that who say you that you can do this work? Some energy that stops human actual power, and some energy that says human that never give up,     

This energy is flowing all over the universes, that the deep space sound, in the form of energy, yes
What is space is made of energy and matter, so you see only two objects in universes “energy” and “matter”
Energy is in any form, it’s in the form of gas, in the form of liquid, in the form of nuclear, in the form of the sun, in the form of sound, Deep space sound and what does it sound like in space?  

Earth sound from space

 All elements are made of a molecule, in molecule electron is revolve the center of this molecule, and its make sound effect, you say how it makes a sound? Every moving element in this element has some frequency,
            And frequency has sound it is true that some sound is listenable and some of this is not listenable,
But the earth has moving speed so some sound makes by this earth, you listen to this earth sound form space when you going into space but it is not possible for every human. So YouTube – search you find some sound, I don’t know it’s true but after you listen to this you fill something inside your body,
                  In this world, in this universe, millions of million’s sound are played in second, but how many you listen? We humans think that we are intelligence, but we know the truth, how we are? Because we are the species  that destroy his own planet with own hand,     

God sound in the space for every living creature in universes, that give positive energy. And ‘What does it sound like in space” Space sound music Nasa space sound download, Space sounds mp3, Deep space sound  something that needs to know

visit neetsman

Saturday, July 20, 2019

11:17 PM

life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space
life.... the mystery... space.......planet.....galaxy........god......human.......alien.......

 this is some word that make you surprise, many species on earth so it is the possibility that life in the space and among this diffrent life how many intelligent species in it?  and what is intelligent species meaning? and last question is that how big is our space? is space is infinite? 

so today we are going to discuss about this....... let’s go........1 ............2 ............3 ..............!!!!!!  
confuse.....  best question that how life came on earth? 
your answer is god!!!!!
 so who birth the god?? to ask this question and your mind is blank... that like we cant think over it? this is the one movement that we fill some amazing energy in our body that we cant express.  
  some time our mind has no answer of some question......?????........ you can't think about that object that you can see? while it work on 99% of people. we know that how life come on earth? this is only theory's how life come in the earth?  but in actual we do't know, while people think so many think 

that like 
first life in the water .......
by one asteroid come on the earth.....
god mad us.....
some intelligent species made human....
those we call god they come on earth and they teach us how to live....
by the revaluation....
among this which is you chose that it is no more anti question on this topic.. think about it. 

life in space we don't know how many planet actually is in space? human visit just moon which is the distance like 0.0000000000000000000000000.........00% of earth, we just see other planet, by at tine edge of telescope,

human can only give review that this planet has life, this solar system has _____ heritable zone which have life going to spread so and so and so........ in topic of life in the space my review is that i don't know really about it. but i confident 100% that life is present in the space. We think about it only because we don't see and we don't know about it. Even we can’t know about species on earth, over more than 10000 species on the earth, how many you know?
    If someone say that you live in to the space, so what you say? In the space peace like you never fill, you see the darkness all over, great salience,

According to our scientist intelligence is the power that how human can use his mind, what is actually meaning of intelligence spices, what is the intelligence?
Intelligence is the index of how human or any spices that how he use his mind or some power of universe,   that actually we have,

          Basically on the earth human is not very intelligence spices, you know????? Because we human are use only 5% of our brine, so who is it? It is the dolphins use his brine up to 20% so it can see or understand that what is ahead? He invent radar and this radar is 100% better than human radar, because human invent the radar but dolphin not invent radar he made the radar,
          We can say that any spice is identifying by intelligence, and intelligence is creativity of any spice, human brine is mystery of the world that not solve at that time. If human mind use its only 30% of his mind he can do flying, he can control another mind, control of some wavy, tree energy, not need the food he can use the power in environment, can control the wind, molecular, and do those things that we listen in the holy book,
          You think that who is the god? How he do some amazing think, that miracle for human, in one theory this god is the another planet spices and when they come on the earth they sow us and he touch us about the new technology, but when they relays that earth destroy in some few year then they mark on earth so when they come again,

          In our mind more connation then our all universes have, when we think about any topic at that time our mind response through electric wavy, at this point something happen like in a pound of water, in the water pound if we through one stone then wavy is coming continues in reflection of this action, same way in our mind is full of think tank when we think about any point at so we fill reflection like water stone example,

          Its connect in our brine and make some effect that we cant understand, so intelligence spices meaning that who can control this all emotion and effect of every possibility of what happen? knowledge about energy, knowledge about truth, and someone can use most energy so he is best intelligence, but we human stuck in that I need that, I want more, what to do? God? Make imprecation, think feature, think past, if we live in present we not think about the feature, some body say that today do hard work very heard so you not think about next day,

That is really intelligence spices meaning, the have peace , and they know what they do?

          Space not a keyboard space bar key, it about universe which full of galaxy and stars, in which light travel through light speed, that is the Rison we see black all around, because light wavy is faster than light so when its strict to eyes, our eyes get a response in friction of second, that our mind only realizes when we only think about it,

How big space is?????????????????
Some body say that it is infinite, some say it’s go away from each other, some say that seven universe in the black energy, and each of universe has its own energy, so in some day all this universe is stick with other and all destroy, in another story god is sleeping and according to the god 1 day is = 15 Cr year, so when god is weak up at that time all universe is dead and re construct it,
          Some say big bane in past Cr. S year s and all universe is birth through this big bane, so basically at that time we can’t know how universe is big, but we must say that if universe is birth then one day its died.            
 so i there is life in the space and many intelligent species in universe and understand the true intelligent meaning, and how this space is big? 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

8:23 PM

What is education meaning? Education importance and type of education

What is education meaning? Education importance and type of education 

What is education meaning? Education importance, and type of education, understands true meaning of education 
In this article we discuss about the true education meaning, education importance, how we essay educate our children for essay understand? and type of education
education meaning, education meaning in hindi, true meaning of education , education meaning in English , type of education , education importance
education meaning 

 Education meaning 

This is the 21 centaury and we know importance of education,  but question is that we get essay and understandable education? Our children going to the school and learn something only for exam. Today education is just for satisfaction of our mind only not for learning. 

What is the true education meaning? 

According to the steetlom education is that in which anybody learn anything and can’t force to remember it, its atomically store in our mind, 
For example: just for when you learn a bike at once. And you can drive the bike, now in whole your life you want to learn the bike, it’s atomically store in our subconscious mind, whenever you want to drive it again you don’t learn to drive the bike. This is the true meaning of education. 
But today people are make this education most most importance. But in real life it just important,100 year of back in India gorukul school system is the best system . in which student are stay at the gurus home at the age of seven and learn about how to live life and sunskrit  mantras which has the power of make  fire with only mantras. I don’t know it’s true but just think about why it is not wrong?
So in our past years people just learn how to live, they are teach about humanity, and make this human strange as he can bit all the world , but in valuable Rison, you heart about the bhramastra it has the power that can destroy whole world by just one arrow, so think what is the power has this arrow. 
In today life we just learn about 1323…. Abcd….. Reading…. Writhing…… and so many things, but they can remember whole life? In 
Gurukul education system
All student remember whole study in his whole life so our mind has the power the can we remember anything in any time. In past no book but students remembers whole Ayurveda book  by just listing, while in today?????? 
You know what is the situation of our students, we know that our feature is depends upon the students if they can’t know himself so how they can change the world, in small age all the society fit his mind that you have only do job, or such things but actually we can’t know the capacity of human brain,
Research say we use only 10% our brain, and we see that what we do in past 100 year, make all our think in real life. And understand the meaning of education
So according steetlom meaning of education  is make a human not a machine, that forgot his strength, today education learn that car drive by push ached by human force, while reality is car is drive by itself, no need of human force only need the human control.             
education meaning, education meaning in hindi, true meaning of education , education meaning in English , type of education , education importance
education meaning 

Type of education 

 There are the basic type of education system 
1 gurukul system
2 school system
3 home education 
4 learn system 
In the gurukul system student Is going to the gurukul in the age of and Good point of this system is that student is always contact with guru, and he find that what student can do? And make him best in this field. He interested in this so he can do better and better, this is the best system but today this no more. 
While 2 school system student go to the school and learn as today famous system of education. Every student learn only one thing that teacher teach. And don’t learn new things out of the teaching. 
3 home educations: in this education system parents or elders of home is teach his children. In 21 century this is the best method of education. In this system also a elders group of society teach all this society’s children’s teach by him. The grandparents got a new work so it is helpful for all to more about it pl visit 
4. learn system: in this system focus only learn for example if anybody want to lean swimming so direct contact him and learn about this proper area, and main advantage of this system is that every people come in this system is his decision. So it is no require of fallers, 
Put of this fore system also many system that can learning new thing. 
But question is that what is the purpose of learning?   
We learn because of earn? 
We want to learn due to knowledge?
We learn to archive our dream?  
For happiness, For peace of mind, for save the world, today is the true that if we don’t save the world it is definitely end. We know all about it. 
Teaching teach us that how to live? What is humidity? We all are human but why we make our self-different form each another, it just like that if one life of a tree say that I am the life so you trust him? While true is that it is a part of tree, as it is we say that I am so and so name but true is that you are human . and actually we learn from any teaching academy, but what we learn, I am best, I am one, so many bed thing, 
Today if every human has one thing in his mind that I am human and then I am so name. so it is end of everything and all another need is end. This is really we learn.   

Education importance  

And last education important, how we use of education in our life? It is important that to make people not robot, at that time all people has money, food, anything they want. But in absent of hipness, so what is the worth of human without happiness? 
With the help of education every person got knowledge, courage of to make some different, it only when you got right education.        
So this is the education meaningEducation importance, and type of education, understands true meaning of education
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