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Saturday, July 27, 2019

11:38 PM

letter from the earth: humans| save me please time remaining only 00:00:59 by Neetsman

letter from the earth: humans| save me please time remaining only 00:00:59 by Neetsman

Latter from earth to humans| save me please time remaining 00:00:59 by Neetsman

Count down stars 00:00:59, 00:00:58, and going and going………………it’s the end of the earth? At last earth sent latter to humans and it about to earth say thanks to all human who kill earth and all living creature, and only living planet earth. Latter from earth to humans,
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letter from earth

Sun say I am alone in the universe, so what I do? Please some body gives idea to bit my silence in this darkness, at that time some energy we call it god, speak him that use energy around you and built something that you want, Thousand years sun use ‘ of passing time. To use Energy around him, sun make big gas glob, and spinning this glob, this glob is mad out of small particle of nuclear and electron inside this gas globe is attract with each other, and change its state.

          And by passing the millions years of time this gas glob is convert in to solid planet. And at the start of sun’s solar system, how life comes in our solar system?
Which is the first planet that got a life? What is the sun energy? We discuss in another story,

We start that earth is born and thousands of years are past and human came on earth, what we do with our mother nature we know? And we think that this earth save us? Is this possible?

Earth build her for humans and another living creature on him, by make cut in side her body she birth a tree, and tell him that you are necessary to generate food for human and all living think on me. With the help of heat inside her, she makes clean water for every creature on earth, make good food for eat, make good habitable environment, and its took million years to set all this system on her,
But human interfere every were and spoil all the nature resources, in 21th century we know what problem we face and amazing thing is that we know the solution, but we think about only _____________ write what you want before you dying.

We human destroy every creation created by earth, but what she do human is also created by her. How she destroy her own creature? So

This is latter from earth, saying that save her,

Form earth

Hello I am earth, your mother, your older mother which does not have more life, before I dying I say something to humans.
Thanks for give me that pollution by the way I need more thousands of year to clean this environment.
Thank for cut tree which I made for you to give oxygen, and it is your lifeline, I this is my whose creature that never refuse to do work, but you took form me, thank for that
To clean the water I do very hard work, thanks to make water pollution,
When I made you I think that you are my best creature, I proud myself that I made humans, but you take form me that proud, thanks for it, I don’t know how was you are but you are my best creature that i ever made.
          In my life I think about that all living creature is living for each other and find truth behind life, I don’t know how I born, but I know how humans came on earth, what think you have that children kill his parents what they do? How were you filling when you got untrusted form your own creation?    
          It just like that someone take care of someone for years and then sudden he _____ sorry but I have not word, I think if I say this word then someone of my child Confidence woke up form name mother, but now I tried form this life, in my life, I pray the god that god give you right think,  

I am earth
Your mother, only planet in solar system
Which have a life, after fill very hotness on my surface,
I must have say that this is my limit to sustain this level of tempura,
So please if Temperature is rise more I can’t Tolerate
I tell you because it’s necessary,
I don’t know that you know that every year,
Water level of sea is increases and at one day
One day I will be immersed in water,
Then I could not see you dying.
So if you listen yours old mother voice,
Now I don't have the power to save me.
Just a bunch of birds,
That he was digging his own deathbed.
You moving country to country,
But where I am moving,
You know everything, so why you don’t do something
When you do? At that time I am die? I am your mother
Gives you life, so please save me, 
now i am older i can't sustain any more difficulties
i waiting for some by putting hand upper age of my eye, 
now i am tried, to produce more land, 
 this it the Latter form the earth  so save the earth?? 

Friday, July 26, 2019

10:42 PM

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie: cast, review, plot, cast, trailer| 1

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie: cast, review, plot, cast, trailer|1

In this post  about once upon a time in Hollywood cast, what its review, think about this movie its cast, its plot, and another information

it is full with Drama and comedy, and for all Quentin Tarantino friends you happy to know that it is 9th film that make by him, in this film he show the 1976 Hollywood, how at that time shooting was going on, and how was the life of actor at that time, if you know less things about any object you want to know more about it, this is the human nature, in past our life is???
once upon a time in hollywood charles manson, once upon a time in hollywood plot, once upon a time in hollywood imdb, once upon a time in hollywood review, once upon a time in Hollywood release date, once upon a time in hollywood cast, once upon a time in hollywood trailer
once upon a time in Hollywood

            You think about that how you are grand grand father life is? Think about it you see black and white movie? Compeer to today and our past film what is the different you see? The visual effect, vhf vfx, and video addition, quality of picture, and more,

            In this movie may be people where reacted like ohh, what happen…., oh my god,
 this movie directed by Quentin Tarantino, it’s 9th movie directed by him, it is full with comedy drama and it produced by the Colimbia picture, bona film group

This movie is based on the tv actor life, in his life as actor what problem is come, in 21th century very difficult to be an actor, because it is a very huge number of people come in this entertainment industry, but you know the how many people is success in this field, what’s problem is face to be an actor, it is same like that you find the pin in grass, but the life after the success is?
Out of 100 people 90 people is inter in this field just think after the success of to be an actor ,but can’t think what is hard work to don to be an actor, to survive in the entrainment industry must have   
this upcoming movies 2019 hollywood is shoot in los Angeles it is about the dark comedy, crime and based on how tv actor life? How they are face the problem in his cheerier, and also how they survive in the entrainment world, in this movie we see the dark phase of Hollywood, how many actor are come in this area and how many success in it very dramatically and see the truth in this movie.

once upon a time in hollywood cast

brad pitt as cliff booth: a vetnam and rick’s longtime stunt, friendship between burt and hal needhanm,

Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate; this actress is married to raman and after become a neighbor of rick Dalton,

Leonardo Dicaaprio as Rick Dalton; this is an actor who star with TV series,

Emile Hirsch; as jay Sebring: in this movie hairstylist and friend and girlfriend of Sharon Tate

Margret Qualley aas pussycat: a member of manson family and nice nickname kitt

 Dakota fanning as Lynette- Squeaaky-fromme: member of famous family in this film
Bruce Dem as Grorge Spahn: In this film he play a role of old blind man who out of los angeles and come after long time in city.
At last Al pacinno as Marvin Schwarzs in this film  
All this actor is play role in once upon a time in hollywood, all the character are play there role very effective and valuable,

 once upon a time in Hollywood release date

this movie is released in the United states on 26th of July 2019 and originally scheduled on august 9 and we know that move trailer is on march 20 -2019 , and give music by The Mamas and the papas also los bravos famous song of this movie is good thing, this song by Paul Revere and The Raiders,
this movie is on the tang of people so projected collation of this movie is around 30 to 40 million from there 3500 theaters in which release,    
once upon a time in hollywood release date in india
not a perfect data for this movie is release in india but it may coming soon,

once upon a time in hollywood review

about this movie critics had overall positive view, it is the tarnation’s film and whenever he director a movie something is in the movie that attract the people to see the movie, some one is say this film is heady engrossing collage of a film, and some say another things,

once upon a time in hollywood imdb

it is release soon so it may took some time to download form some site but it is 21th century so whatever you stop something it happen first. But it is not god because someone do hard work and another took all this effort, so are you in which side, and see that as film directors view because he know how he handle all those thing that he faced,  

once upon a time in hollywood plot

this all about that in 1969 Lso Angles is famous for entrainment industry, most film and tv series is mad at this city, in this century western Televison series bounty law is famous and in this series one actor name is Rick Dalton, how tow friend face in to inter this world of action, and the life of actor is not easy as you see film behind the film they work very hard to complete one film,
some where you see drama and some where you luffing, in all 161 minute of this film you  fill that you are in older day, amazing thing in this movie,    

once upon a time in hollywood charles manson

it is overall 90 million budget of this film, now see that how was going in this release, basically feature of all entrainment is depends on like of people, yes if you make any think in any budget but if people is don’t like so what is the value of it, it like you dance in jungle and think that you dance in open place so you are hero,    

once upon a time in hollywood trailer

big name in this film that brad pitt, marogt Robbie,Leonardo dicaprio etc… make famous this film you see the trailer on you tub, I am not giving you link because this is 21th century and you find anything in your mobile  

see the movie  once upon a time in hollywood and give your review 

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

11:47 PM

upcoming movies of 2019| Action,Thriller,Drama,Adventure comedy 13 list :xwlline

upcoming movies of 2019| Action,Thriller,Drama,Adventure comedy 13 list :xwlline 

You don’t miss the movies coming in 2019 you are the movie lover?? Then for you list of upcoming movies of 2019, action, thriller, drama, adventure, comedy, family etc…….by xwlline.

  1. Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood
  2. Upcoming movies Hollywood
  3. Upcoming movies Bollywood
  4. Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood
  5. Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019
  6. New movies 2019
  7. Hollywood movies 2019
  8. upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki

1.upcoming movies 2019 bollywood

Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood, Upcoming movies Hollywood, Upcoming movies Bollywood, Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood, Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019, New movies 2019, Hollywood movies 2019, upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
upcoming movies of 2019

hind action movies 2019 Bollywood: In 2019  this movie’s release,

1 Batla house: release in 15 august 2019

            This upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood is hindi action, crime, and thriller movie, and john and mrunal Thakur are both actor of this movie, it is based on batla house encounter case which is held in 2008, DCP sanjay kumar encounter some student and according to the media they are just student while true is they are come to make 13 bomb blast in Delhi, first sanjay kumar kill this all student but this action is wrong according to the media so all ask for some action to kill that student, but only saunjay know that who they are, how he handle all this pressure and at last what happen so basically it is interesting move, upcoming movies of 2019
This movie fight with movie

2. mission mangal: release in 15 august 2019

            It is upcoming movies 2019 bollywood  full with drama, sci-fi movie in this movie akshy kumar is in leading role, this movie is based on one mission which make history in the world and which tell all world that we indian can do anything, in the world no one can do such like this operation, in this operation one small robot in the mars orbit by just one attempt, what difficulties are happen in this mission, how people do great group commutation and work by see this people of world shocked, it just like 5 year child dance like big man in DID, everyone is supersize. Best movie this and akshy kumar is the man so see
Who can more money in box office???????

2. Saaho: Release in 30 august 2019

            Action, drama and thriller, in this movie first think is that you heard the name of bahubali??????? Hmmmmm so in this movies prabhas is the in main role and after doing role of bahubali he is in new role in this move he play role of cop and doing some mysteries thriller things, this movie is written and director by sujeeth,      upcoming movies of 2019

3. Laal kaptaan: release in 6 September 19

            It is based on two warrior brother, one chose the life of monk and another is different life and this actor of this movie is saif ali khan, base drama movie, action upcoming movies of 2019 in this month,

4. satellte shanker: release at 20 September 2019

            It is upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood drama and action movie, based on the Indian soldiers life, in which one young trooper head on the road trip for discovery. Very good south movie this is movie is shoot is 10 stats of india so if you want to travel the india by just one movie. How soldiers life and some interesting facts about him in this movie,

5. Drive: release at 27 September 2019

            This is upcoming movies of 2019 and power pack action movie, in this movie 4 racers do rese at most secure location in india the Rashtrapati bhavn, how samar and tara do this rese and some unthinkable rese, action, in this movie, also they help by another racers and complete this rese, Actor of this movie is sushant singh, and jacquelline, and bomab irani, what happen this movie…….. that’s to go  

6.Rambo: Release at 02 October 2019

            You remember this movies this is remake of Hollywood movie in which role of Sylvester stallone is very self-confident, and this movie is famous due to this actor and now bollywood make this movie full with action which role of Rambo is play by tiger shroff, full pack with octane action, Rambo complete all his mission. And he is undertakes, now how the second remake movie of siddharth is going let’s have to see…….. Rambo be ready for the action……

7. War: release at 02 October 2019

            This upcoming movies 2019 bollywood is fight with movie Rambo so this also full with action, in this movie we see the another look of hrithik roshan in new look and also tiger shorff and vanni kappor, in this movie fight between this two character, full with very au seen seens of this movie now who will win??? Lets see…. On 02 October..     

8. Dabangg 3: release at 06 December 2019:

            Goggles is behind, and action is front, and full with action romance and thriller. This it the third part of movie dabangg base on one cop chulbul pandey, in this movie pandey follow the new mission, this is the movie that’s all salman khans waiting for, now what is new adventure by our pandey ji make, at 06 October…. upcoming movies of 2019

9. Brahmastra: release at 20 December 2019

            In our history we heart about many powerful weapon, and the brahmastr is the father of all this weapon, it have the power to destroy all earth, in this movie we see the some famous faces like Amitabh bachchan,  Ranbir kapoor, and nagaarjun, (don on 1) all are in this movie, so we imagine how is will this movie is? This movie is based on the ancient wisdom, energies and power, concentering on reluctant hero shiva, and he is at journey of self-discovery, but during his journey he face with the black energy of universe and when he face it threaten humanity, new world and some another things is happen so now what happen in this movie. This is upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood one of big budget movie, last war of brahmastra shiva is retaliated with this war, this weapon is in part if someone joint all this part then it will be the powerful weapon of all universe,
This all 9 action movie is release in 2019          

2. upcoming movies Hollywood 2019

Action movies of Hollywood 2019
Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood, Upcoming movies Hollywood, Upcoming movies Bollywood, Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood, Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019, New movies 2019, Hollywood movies 2019, upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
upcoming movies of 2019

1. Hobbs and shaw: release in 02 august 2019

One man transforms him in to machine than he is more stronger, he is terrorist and he is unbeatable so it is necessary to stop him but who? Tow man Hobbs and Shaw both of full with …….. totally full with action, and mysteries car chases, in this movie how this two man join the forces and save the city form terrorist attack, this upcoming movies Hollywood 2019 comedy action and full with internment,

2. Artemis fowl: release at 9 August 2019

            It is upcoming movies Hollywood 2019 action movie one small boy is finding something and he realize that this world is not that’s he see his imagination is broken and then happen war. War of technology, with gun with arrow, but in different mode in between human and program,
3. The kitchen; release at 23 august 20019
            Three leady fight against the all robbers, action and drama and how they fight with and see in the movie, upcoming movies of 2019

4. Top gun: Maverick: release at 26 august 20019     

Only name is enough for this movie Tom cruise, yes na, this movie is about one fighting jet aircraft, tom cruise is one of the pilot in force and what he do to save some think if I tell then no enjoy this upcoming movies Hollywood 2019 so please see at 26 august 20019.

5. Rambo: Last blood release at 20 September 2019

            Series of Rambo is famous due to one name Sylvester Stallone, he is famous for his action, in this movie another adventure of Rambo what he do in this movie, it is full with action and thriller, in another actor in this movie is Louis Mandylor and another, upcoming movies of 2019    

  6. Jumanji: release in 13 December 2019

            You see the first part of jumanji? Full with action drama and some comedy, in this movie same character in jumanji but change is that only one is same and another is different and game is also different, be ready for that action upcoming movies Hollywood 2019

3. upcoming movies Bollywood

Hindi drama movies in 2019
Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood, Upcoming movies Hollywood, Upcoming movies Bollywood, Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood, Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019, New movies 2019, Hollywood movies 2019, upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
upcoming movies of 2019

1. Jabariya Jodi: release at 02 August 2019

It is upcoming movies Bollywood  drama movie that one couple how the action and drama in this movie basically tradition of kidnapping prevalent in Bihar, girl family force man to get married to the her forcefully, and so it make most effect on viewers

            2. Khandanni Shafakhana : release at 02 August 2019  

Clinic of his father sonakshi is back again with her movie, in this movie she play the role of small town girl, full with comedy , drama, she want to run her father sex clinic but what difficulty  she face how she aware people by the sex finally what happen clinic is run or not see the movie, upcoming movies Bollywood

            3. made in china : release at 30 August 2019

This is upcoming movies Bollywood fast paced and drama movie story is around the one Gujarat businessman, he try to make his entrepreneur big, so he go to China and at this place he gate best idea and some uniqueness do in life, how he do? to know you must see the movie, 

            4. Zoya factor: release at 20 September

This upcoming movies Bollywood  based on novel same name Zoya factor which written by anuja chuhan, it is based on the story about meeting the Indian cricket Team, it is directed by the abshike sharam it is the recipe of romance humor and drama

5. marjaavaan : release at 02 October 2019

This upcoming movies of 2019  is revolving around four characters, story of backdrop of Mumbai full with drama, game of mind, for love and how all characters is set in this movie small drop of love, drama and action in this movie,

            6. Panipat: release at 06 December 2019

It upcoming movies of 2019is based on history, biggest war of the world panipant ashuntosh gowariker is back after 4 year by the movie, this is story of last war of Maratha and afghan, this written by megastar sanjay dutt, how Maratha is fight against afghan warriors, full with drama, action, many heart teaching seen in this movie it is based on history, this war of panipat is in 1761 do what happen ???
            7. good news: release on 27 December 2019
Akshy kumar is the man who is in leading role so must interesting movie, it is revels the unseen surprises that make you shocking, and this people say climax of this movie is more surprise you. So what happen in 27 December in this movie akshy and karena is tougher and it is directorial of this movie is raj meheta upcoming movies Bollywood

4.upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood

Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood, Upcoming movies Hollywood, Upcoming movies Bollywood, Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood, Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019, New movies 2019, Hollywood movies 2019, upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
upcoming movies of 2019

1.    Once upon a time in Hollywood: release at 29 august 2019

this upcoming movies 2019 hollywood is shoot in los Angeles it is about the dark comedy, crime and based on how tv actor life? How they are face the problem in his cheerier, and also how they survive in the entrainment world, in this movie we see the dark phase of Hollywood, how many actor are come in this area and how many success in it very dramatically and see the truth in this movie.

2.    Dora and the lost city of gold : release on 02 august 2019

This is adventure and action film, this movie is based on famous tv series dora the explorer. His present has one knowledge of gold city, she is the girl of jungle, so he bring every possible think which make her live in jungle, then she meets the his cosine and his friends but they kept by someone then dora try to free all but one man save all of and she miss his monkey, and so in one beg she find monkey she’s friend, father and mother meet her in the jungle and they all wants to find the gold city, they meet different different difficulties, but with the help of how they overcome it. And can they find the gold city of not??? upcoming movies 2019 hollywood

3. the new mutants: 22 august 2019

You have fear??? Hmmm this upcoming movies 2019 hollywood  movie is horror drama and action, and also this movie has one link and it is marvel’s so you think that how is this movie is? First test with the new mutants, this film is about original x man films, and how new mutants is discovering his new abilities, and they all are trapped in some place. This is the very different kind of x man film this new mutants are set the future and what happen next.. because every time marvel take new concept of movies. See at 22 aug.

4.    The angry bird: release at: 30 august 2019

This upcoming movies 2019 hollywood movie based on the video game series angry birds, in this movie winter is coming and all object is frozen, even water flow in wash basin is also in the form of snow, comedy, drama, and full with internment, so always happen that birds is revenge to pig for stealing their eggs, some unexpected shoot in this movie so it is very interesting.

5.    It chapter 2: release at 06 September 2019

This upcoming movies of 2019 is horror movie, in this movie one woman going to an old lady’s home then sees how she attack on this young woman, then what happen you must to see the movie, but a group of friend is known as losers club and the story is being three, then memory of that defeated all those year ago.

6.    The goldfinch: at 13 September 2019

This upcoming movies 2019 hollywood drama movie is form same novel name, in this focus on young man, he want to know answer the question of his past,

7.    The Addams family: at 13 September 2019

It is upcoming movies 2019 hollywood  animation movie, based on iconic carton series, with same name, one ghoulish family, enjoy the new adventure, and celebration, the face some different challenge in his day to day life, like landing, bombing, etc……

            8 Gemini: at 04 October 2019

On sci-fi thriller and full with drama movie, one seems to be predict all move of hetman, he found the clone of himself and then this movie is going to some un expected end and what happen he see him self in front of him as ……. Just enjoy, in this movie actor is will Smith, mray Elizabeth, etc…… make this movie interesting.   upcoming movies 2019 hollywood

5. Bollywood movies releasing in january 2019

this movie is in January

1 why cheat india

This bollywood movies releasing in january 2019 is full with drama, how hero earn money to sell copy paper writer, some body write the entrance exam of engineering, medical, etc. and sell it for who need, then he get some more big step,

2 Rangeela raja

Govinda is the actor so its most comedy movie, bollywood movies releasing in january 2019

3.    72 hors

Its bollywood movies releasing in january 2019 about action, war movie which director by avinash, it is release so you see tailer on you tub

4 who jo the ek maulana Azad

Drama bollywood movies releasing in january 2019  movie and dr ranjdra gupta sanjay director, so not much more but see what happen,

5 the accidental prime minister

This bollywood movies releasing in january 2019 is base on truth, full with drama, it’s the biography movie and anupam kher is cast and director is vijay ratankar

6. uir

You see this drama movie is more in public 

6 new movies 2019

total 31 movie is coming in 2019 from august to December
in this upcoming movies of 2019  writer, director, actor and many on screen and of screen character may make you entrainment, you may see the this new movies 2019  trailer I given link below the article   you can also book ticket at your city and enjoy the movie the list of the movies is given below,
 Jabariya Jodi,
the new mutants,
The Addams family,
Khandanni Shafakhana,
made in china ,
Zoya factor,
Once upon a time in Hollywood ,
Dora and the lost city of gold ,
The angry bird,
It not 31 movie list you can see new movies 2019  drama, action and full with the excitement make you relax in your life just enjoy, no Rison to say no to see this upcoming movies of 2019.  

7 Hollywood movies 2019

Upcoming movies 2019 Bollywood, Upcoming movies Hollywood, Upcoming movies Bollywood, Upcoming movies 2019 Hollywood, Bollywood movies releasing in January 2019, New movies 2019, Hollywood movies 2019, upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
Hollywood movies 2019

 if you like some more English movie also the list of some Hollywood movies 2019   
Once upon a time in Hollywood full with drama while
Dora and the lost city of gold is full with adventure and drama
The angry bird :come in my home
The Addams family
The goldfinch
Its may make stress free because if you work in 8 hours every day and you need some that our of the box so upcoming movies of 2019    

8 upcoming Bollywood movies 2019 wiki

Jabariya Jodi Khandanni
Why cheat india
Rangeela raja
 Dabangg 3
If know more about this movies so more detail is given above upcoming bollywood movies 2019 wiki
This is the some list of the upcoming movies of 2019  so chose where are you and if you want to see this movie I am the movie lover and so this some of rule to tell the story of movies, all drama, action comedy, horror, mystery, I hope you like

to see the retailer click here
visit more neetsman
also visit steeltom 

Saturday, July 20, 2019

11:17 PM

life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space? what is intelligent Species meaning? is space infinite?

life in the space
life.... the mystery... space.......planet.....galaxy........god......human.......alien.......

 this is some word that make you surprise, many species on earth so it is the possibility that life in the space and among this diffrent life how many intelligent species in it?  and what is intelligent species meaning? and last question is that how big is our space? is space is infinite? 

so today we are going to discuss about this....... let’s go........1 ............2 ............3 ..............!!!!!!  
confuse.....  best question that how life came on earth? 
your answer is god!!!!!
 so who birth the god?? to ask this question and your mind is blank... that like we cant think over it? this is the one movement that we fill some amazing energy in our body that we cant express.  
  some time our mind has no answer of some question......?????........ you can't think about that object that you can see? while it work on 99% of people. we know that how life come on earth? this is only theory's how life come in the earth?  but in actual we do't know, while people think so many think 

that like 
first life in the water .......
by one asteroid come on the earth.....
god mad us.....
some intelligent species made human....
those we call god they come on earth and they teach us how to live....
by the revaluation....
among this which is you chose that it is no more anti question on this topic.. think about it. 

life in space we don't know how many planet actually is in space? human visit just moon which is the distance like 0.0000000000000000000000000.........00% of earth, we just see other planet, by at tine edge of telescope,

human can only give review that this planet has life, this solar system has _____ heritable zone which have life going to spread so and so and so........ in topic of life in the space my review is that i don't know really about it. but i confident 100% that life is present in the space. We think about it only because we don't see and we don't know about it. Even we can’t know about species on earth, over more than 10000 species on the earth, how many you know?
    If someone say that you live in to the space, so what you say? In the space peace like you never fill, you see the darkness all over, great salience,

According to our scientist intelligence is the power that how human can use his mind, what is actually meaning of intelligence spices, what is the intelligence?
Intelligence is the index of how human or any spices that how he use his mind or some power of universe,   that actually we have,

          Basically on the earth human is not very intelligence spices, you know????? Because we human are use only 5% of our brine, so who is it? It is the dolphins use his brine up to 20% so it can see or understand that what is ahead? He invent radar and this radar is 100% better than human radar, because human invent the radar but dolphin not invent radar he made the radar,
          We can say that any spice is identifying by intelligence, and intelligence is creativity of any spice, human brine is mystery of the world that not solve at that time. If human mind use its only 30% of his mind he can do flying, he can control another mind, control of some wavy, tree energy, not need the food he can use the power in environment, can control the wind, molecular, and do those things that we listen in the holy book,
          You think that who is the god? How he do some amazing think, that miracle for human, in one theory this god is the another planet spices and when they come on the earth they sow us and he touch us about the new technology, but when they relays that earth destroy in some few year then they mark on earth so when they come again,

          In our mind more connation then our all universes have, when we think about any topic at that time our mind response through electric wavy, at this point something happen like in a pound of water, in the water pound if we through one stone then wavy is coming continues in reflection of this action, same way in our mind is full of think tank when we think about any point at so we fill reflection like water stone example,

          Its connect in our brine and make some effect that we cant understand, so intelligence spices meaning that who can control this all emotion and effect of every possibility of what happen? knowledge about energy, knowledge about truth, and someone can use most energy so he is best intelligence, but we human stuck in that I need that, I want more, what to do? God? Make imprecation, think feature, think past, if we live in present we not think about the feature, some body say that today do hard work very heard so you not think about next day,

That is really intelligence spices meaning, the have peace , and they know what they do?

          Space not a keyboard space bar key, it about universe which full of galaxy and stars, in which light travel through light speed, that is the Rison we see black all around, because light wavy is faster than light so when its strict to eyes, our eyes get a response in friction of second, that our mind only realizes when we only think about it,

How big space is?????????????????
Some body say that it is infinite, some say it’s go away from each other, some say that seven universe in the black energy, and each of universe has its own energy, so in some day all this universe is stick with other and all destroy, in another story god is sleeping and according to the god 1 day is = 15 Cr year, so when god is weak up at that time all universe is dead and re construct it,
          Some say big bane in past Cr. S year s and all universe is birth through this big bane, so basically at that time we can’t know how universe is big, but we must say that if universe is birth then one day its died.            
 so i there is life in the space and many intelligent species in universe and understand the true intelligent meaning, and how this space is big? 
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what is the real meaning of success in life?

what is the real meaning of success in life? 

     Success this the term that every person need, but they can’t know about the real meaning of success, what is success? Money, happiness, peace, what is its real meaning of success?  
real success meaning, real meaning of success, real meaning for success, real meaning of success in life real meaning of success quotes, real prospect of success meaning, real success in life meaning
real meaning of success

     it give a mantel and physical level peace, when you meets success your fell life free man in the world, this experience is only fallible not tell-able to another, 

so real meaning of success is that when you do those things that you really you do, and you think in your life for a many time that i want to so this, and when you get those things, you fill some experience, hahahahaha oh my god it make me happy only whine i think.... this is the most, most, most, most, most.......... valuable things that has a no value, if you understand this you know about the success. 
real success meaning, real meaning of success, real meaning for success, real meaning of success in life real meaning of success quotes, real prospect of success meaning, real success in life meaning

example of success meaning
In the student life most important is that to study well and clear exam and understand the study, so he/she can live the life very easily,
If any student is just reading and memories all the book but not understand, he clear the exam but what is the benefit of this
While another student is not just read but understand all the studying, he also clear the exam so
According to you which student is most success in his carrier????
This is the meaning of success
That whatever you do in your life you should know that what you do and understand very well,
Every person need the success so something is in the success that so make him special.
What is special in the success?
Why if success people is happy in your life?
Why they are most peaceful people in the world?
Why every human needs the success?
You think that you are alone at one beach where nobody on there, you seating in front of the sea and your mind is very peaceful at that time, at that time if you are think about your problem so that is meaning you need some more in your life, but if you just see the sea and enjoy it so you are success,
Success is the darkest side of darkness
It the one star who want to shine but he thinks about the feature
Long time ago in to the forest one line is stay, every day when he fill hunger he make Thunder, to lesion this Thunder every animal understand that if he not go in safe so he died by lion, and this make him a king of forest, same way our work is like that so everybody understand that what we do,

In one post I don’t remember which it is that iPhone care his customer so he think all the kind of problem which we have and so he invite the world best phone, and respect is spree form heart, if our work is like as we think about the world, so world can think about you,
Who we are?
Where are we from?
How we live?
What we needs?
What is the real meaning of success?
Many question that make your mind un thinkable, your mind is think as we want?
So if when our mind think as we want form it is the best success, our mind is full of think, every human mind think over more than 6000 think in a day, we can’t stop this thinking process but we give him direction, our mind power is un believable, some time when we think about our mother or some most loving person at that time we got call form him, its happen sometime,  what happen actual we all contact with each other some un known power, if you think bed for someone so this bed think or some bed think is happen with him, so it the our mind,

                We are human why we don’t understand, what actual we need?  If you think good for someone so good think is happen in your life it is call the law of thing,  as you think you will as it is act in you life,
One time one reach man see the baggers that he eat bread, but when ever he eat the bread he first touch this peace of bread in his hand, so this man give him some money and ask why you eat bread like this? He reply that I can eat this only brad so I assume that salt in my hands pam and I eat both bread and salt, so what is this manning? If he think so he can assume any think like butter, milk, tea, etc…….. but he think is just salt.
So first if our think is bigger so this make us success, you read many story of success but in all of them what is same? Just think about it?
Now if we talk about the success so real meaning of success is your life is in your control, 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

11:40 PM

List of upcoming Netflix original movies 2019:sci-fi, horror,adventure movies, etc……

List of upcoming Netflix original movies 2019: sci-fi, horror, adventure movies, etc…… 

netflix original movies 2019, netflix original movies 2019 list, new netflix original movies march 2019, netflix original movies 2019 action, upcoming netflix original movies 2019, netflix original movies coming 2019, new netflix original movies january 2019, best netflix original horror movies 2019
netflix original movies 2019

 list of upcoming Netflix original movies 2019

Netflix is the best entertainment platform in 2018, also adventure, sci-fi movie come on this plate form so here are some list of netflix original movies 2019 which is upcoming  Netflix original movies 2019 you are waiting for…. some sci-fi movies horror movies, comedy movies, adventure move, etc……
it is the very huge collation of movies, in which new story is in visual effect,

1 army of the dead

                This is basically zombie attack movies in which zombie outbreak in las vegas, and one group of mercenaries fight against him, it is action horror and sci-fi movies you ever see, director of this movies is zack Snyder and writers by Joby Harold (screenplay), shay Hatten  and zack Snyder (story)

2 The devil all the time

                It is drama thriller movies, at the end of world war II  ow cast of compelling and bizarre characters fight in west Virginia, tom holland, bill Skarsgard, Robert pattin, Healy Bennett, etc.. actor [lay an important role, it is directed by Antonio Campos, and write by Antonio Campos, Paulo Campos, Donald ray Pollock(novel). Its releases in 2020 in English in the USA, this film shoot in Anniston, Alabama, USA.

3 Murder Mystery

netflix original movies 2019, netflix original movies 2019 list, new netflix original movies march 2019, netflix original movies 2019 action, upcoming netflix original movies 2019, netflix original movies coming 2019, new netflix original movies january 2019, best netflix original horror movies 2019
netflix original movies 2019
   It is a story of one cope and his wife which going on vacation but something happens and one murder, and so cop find wants to find the killer, and in this action, comedy happen also crime done in this, it is a very internment movie. It is directed by Kyle Newacheck and its story write by James Vanderbilt it releases in English and French, in the USA, it filming in Montreal, Canada,
4. Ares
                Some university student got the Dutch golden age. And by use of this, they open a portal of demonic world and so horror is happening,

5 in the tall grass,

                This does another movie come in Netflix original movies 2019 in which drama horror ad thriller, brother and sister going through kanasa, in this trip one open land whit tall grass, this grass is tall as if a human is standing in it anyone can see him, when they passing to this area they hear a sound of help, somebody call him to help, they don’t know about this grass, so they going in to see who calls for help? They are going into this grass but when they are going in they both are lost in this tall grass, in this film, the director wants to see us that how both brother and sister lost in this tall grass, they meet different different horror in this movies, it is a director by Vincenzo Natali and writer by Jon hill, Stephen king, Vincenzo, it is released in 2019 in English, in Canada, and it is filming in Toronto, Canada.

6 cursed

                This is the tv series, this is fantasy, in this tv series story of one teenage sorceress. In which how he knows about the one powerful ancient sword, and how he effort to find the powerful sword and fantasy happen in these movies, movie creators are frank miller, tom wheeler, it is released in 2019 in the USA, enjoy this tv series.
7 the last kids on earth
                One Sullivan temple teach the kungfu, but suddenly all the master are……… some young group of teenager lives in a decked-out treehouse, this group is playing game very funny, eating food, but sudden zombies attach to the city. So how this teenage group is fight against him and also fight on big monsters apocalypse, this tv series is animation, comedy, and family,

8 another life

                One young crew, high-risk space mission, an alien artifact, drama sci-fi in this the movie, in the move young crew go in space of high-risk mission, already this the mission is high risk and alien artifact on this space ship, how astronauts Niko and his young crew solve danger, and this alien artifact, one creator of this the movie is Aaron martin, this movie is released in 2019 in English, in-country USA, this film shooting location is in Vancouver, British, Colombia, Canada.

9 kengan Ashura

                One old men, company is at dead ends, want to do anything for his company, chose the way of fighting, it the story of fifty-six-year-old man, one day he hired by the chairman of his company as a gladiator, in this gladiator, fight name is kengan Ashura, this fight is necessary to wing do or die suction, to protect the corporate right, Kazuo and his father joins to win this fight now one side company and another side is a relation, this tv series, basically, it is animation type movies, release on 2019 in English, in USA and Japan.

10 the roadside diving resort

                This a movie based on Israel’s Mossad agent, in this movie he attempts to rescue the operation of Ethiopian, which refugees in Sudan in 1977, it is directed by Gideon raff write by Gideon raff, it is full of drama history, and thriller, release on 2019 in the USA and its location at cape Town, western cape, South Africa,

11 triple frontier

                It is 125minute movies full of action, adventure and crime. In this movie farmer make a force to operatives to steal a drug lord's fortune, how they stop it and very much interesting this what they do for this and one thing is that they are the brother of on-screen and of the screen, it is a director by JC chandor and write by mark bole, JC chandor (screenplay), mark boal(story)

12 Avatar: the last air bender

                You see the movies last air bender….. this tv series full with action-adventure and fantasy, as seen in movies, one little master who cant, know that he was control all the air, water, and fire, firs he know only the air control, he has to save from the fire nation, he saves water nation and know to control the water, and the story is going………….. Michael Dante, DiMartino, and Bryan konietzko is the creators of these movies,

13 ultra-man

                This 25 minute, animation movie, which full of action. Erich Shimizu, Tomohiro, Eiji tsubuary creators are there in this series, this animation action sci-fi Netflix original movies 2019 is release 2019 in USA and japan        \

all these movies on netflix for your entertainment, this upcoming and coming list of netflix original movies 2019 for you 

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