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About us

mehul gunjariya holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering from G.T.U and has previously work in different MNC company and some ruler industry and rich them in good profit stage.

Now we stand here for the human and life on earth. we try to give happiness all the people of the world. how they are happy in there life? if you are frustrated than connect with us.     

give you the  Theory of happiness,story book, novel, si-ci story,  and education, government  job, amazing nature image see all of this only to make you happy. 

if you happy than all people around happy and if all people happy than our earth is happy. earth happy than.................

 think about the pollution in air land, water and our earth. how our earth is going to die and amazing part is that we people of earth know all about that but we push the earth to die. 

what we do to resat our earth like before 10000 year ago 

also information about ad-sens, blogger online book-bazaar 
Also sell image, book. etc.     

if you have some interesting any thing  pl contact us     

Name : Mehul Gunjariya

City    : Dhandhuka, Ahmedabad

state  : Gujrat 

Pin     : 382460 

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